Soft Cell – Soap Box Music

Soft Cell, the 80’s synthpop duo of from Leeds is standing on a musical soap box of its own whilst fellow Northern-based weekly’s Emmerdale and Corrie develop their own bubbling dramas. ‘’Tainted Love’’ is a signatory and markedly sustained number one hit that Marc Almond and David Ball of Soft Cell was best known for and essentially served the band with its innovative techno style and punctuated digital piano motif. Meanwhile, the ITV casts are brewing their own brand of drama with ‘’Tainted Love’’ as their back drop track to a chilling fairy tale-based trailer that is best served cold as relationships tense and tangled webs interplay. Irish singer Hannah Peel has her own musical claws into the Soft Cell promo that just gets the two sweet-smelling soaps into a further lather…  Soft Cell – Soap Box Music

Fairy Tales Gone Foul

As the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood reveal her encounters with the big bad wolf, so Soft Cell is enjoying their own regained playtime. The original synthpop track opens to the repeated phrase of high-registered organ and trademark ‘’bink bink’’ played on electric piano. Hannah Peels cover version is a much slower and minimalistic affair as the fair maidens embroil their tales over a single music box sound that twists and turns complete with heightened ‘’bink bink’’ stabbings played on the digital piano:

G G   Bb Bb   Eb Eb   Bb C   ‘’bink   bink’’

Once Upon A Time In The 80s

Both Soft Cell’s Mark Almond and Hannah Peel front the vocal line with an equally uneasy, subdued tone that permeates throughout the song:

   Em                C   G      C              Em            G      C

‘’Sometimes I feel I’ve got to    (bink bink)   run away’’ etc

As those whiter than white pale into insignificance the ‘’Happy Ever After’’ grows fainter and the darkness descends. A musical wrath takes hold and wraps itself around ‘’Once Upon A Weatherfield‘’ with the ‘’After’’ math yet to behold…

Soft Cell enjoys the bubbles whilst all else balances precariously on its soap box.

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