Sleeping At Last – Under The Covers

Sleeping At Last, the US one-man Indie Rock band made a gestured appearance under the covers at the Opening Ceremony of last night’s Commonwealth Games. The crowds of some 40,000 were packed into the Celtic Stadium in Glasgow to witness a plethora of all things Scottish plus one. The unbaiting energy was quickly zapped down a tone as Ryan O’Neal, the Sleeping At Last onesie performer relayed his cover version of Scotland’s The Proclaimers 1988 hit pick brought the stadium to a momentary stand still. With a digital piano and slow, husky vocals at the forefront of this three minute lull – its context was meaningful and timely. Though Sleeping At Last was momentary – its impact was felt long after. Sleeping At Last – Under The Covers

The Proclaimers Sing Out

It’s been twenty-six years since identical twins Charlie and Craig Reid released this sell-out success. Having been used since in various guises from warm-up song to comic relief anthem ‘’500 Miles’’ otherwise known as ‘’I’m Gonna Be’’ is a true Celtic wanderer recognised for its lengthy bout of stomping rhythms, simplistic digital piano chords and endearing chorus:

         C                                                   F                       G

’But I would walk 500 miles, And I would walk 500 more’’ etc

The Leith-born brothers give everything in this strident North-of-the-border track clad in a heavy Scottish accent, complete with memorable guitar riff and retro tambourine jangles.

Sleeping At Last

Ryan O’Neal’s cover version can be found as the backdrop track to US medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ with the same romantic inclination (but more so) than The Proclaimers original. The cruder stamps of ‘88 is gone as the digital piano sets the scene delivering a drooling progression of stacked chords played one in a bar:              Intro:     C   Am   Em   C   Am   Em   G

The vocals are equally as delicious as ‘Sleeping At Last’ serves up his slow-release lyrics:

                C                           Am

’When I wake up, Well I know I’m gonna be’’  etc

Both verse and chorus material is gracefully veered around with vocal decoration and ethereal ‘’Oohs’’ that are tastefully integrated from Verse 2. The acoustic guitar completes a folk ballad feel and closure is nigh as the vocals draw their final breath and the electric piano bids farewell with a short spurt of spread chords in the upper octave.

Under the covers with Sleeping At Last – the stuff of dreams.

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