One Digital Piano – A Lonely Number?

One digital piano makes up the sum of its musical parts in the 60s classic soft rock track ‘’One’’. Originally composed and sung by legendary musician Harry Nilsson the piece is remembered for its single buzzing tone played on the digital piano that replicates the sound of an engaged telephone line. This inspirational effect was turned into a digital piano motif that was to serve later cover artists who mined the Nilsson hit of ’68 including Three Dog Night, Aimee Mann, and now Order of Era have leapt onto the busy band wagon with their electro version in the latest Lynx advert featuring soul mates who are destined to be as ‘’One’’. Whichever version floats your musical boat – Harry Nilsson is the ‘’One’’ to thank for this retro comeback that’s making all the right signals. One Digital Piano – A Lonely Number?.

Keeping Harry Busy

It was the busy signal whilst telephoning someone that gave way to the opening that reiterates the heartache of being single. Nilsson transcribed the sound as a single ‘’burb’’ on the digital piano that opens this legendary track. The key can change, the digital piano may gave way to a Hammond organ or the frontman vocalist becomes a woman but still the sound is unmistakable:

Em               G                A                         C           B7

One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do’’

The song progresses to ‘’Two can be as bad as one’’ repeating the digital piano chord progression with its stoic, plodding beat.

Jumping On The Band Wagon

One year after Nilsson released his epic success, Three Dog Night released their cover version with a kink in the lyrics but the basic instrumentation remained the same. In 1995 Aimee Mann explored a more electronic twang with guitar featuring more prominently.

Digital Piano Links

Meanwhile, Unsigned band ‘Order of Era’ has released their debut album with a more midi-fied mix as Civil Civic collaborate with Hunting to become ‘’One’’. As two undaunted time-travellers make their merry way through a festoon of quick-flick film scenes that dodge all manner of chaos and destruction including earthquakes and exploding petroleum gas stations – the couple come together.

As Lynx deo is the ‘scent-er’ of their fateful journey so Harry Nilsson and his signatory electric piano ‘’burb’’ links back to ‘’One’’.

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