George Ezra – New Season, New Reason

George Ezra is a new sound in the music industry and whilst ITV promotes its new faces, new stories and new season; George Ezra is right up there with his back drop music. Whilst drama lives on the screen, George Ezra heralds from Hertford and his song-writing is sheer poetry with ‘‘Blame It On Me’’ being one such track that offers up a bespoke mix of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan folk. With its bluesy persuasion led by George’s gutsy, self-assured vocals and frilly folk guitar that accompanies him like a conjoined twin George Ezra can take the credit and not the ‘’blame’’. It’s the addition of the ‘bobbing’ digital piano motif that adds an altogether lighter note to the background accompaniment and leads us into the enquiring chorus ‘’What You Waitin’ For?’’…    George Ezra – New Season, New Reason

The Reason Behind The Season

As the ITV trailer trailers continue to mark out their new season’s territory so George Ezra is putting a musical stamp on his. As ‘Mr Whicher’, ‘Scott and Bailey’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ serve up their ongoing storylines, George Ezra begins a new musical chapter. ‘’Blame It On Me’’ begins with an energetic folk guitar and finger clicks that lay the foundations for Verse 1 for this self-made Eden project:


‘’The garden was blessed by the Gods of me and you’’

George Ezra – Blame To Fame

Verse 2 continues in the same vein that adds the light  ‘’plink, plink’’ of a walking bass line but surreptitiously paves the way for the rousing chorus that integrates bobbing digital piano motif that parallels with a retro guitar flicks and an arabesque drum beat:

 G                             F                                                 C                               G

‘’When I dance alone and the sun’s bleeding down, blame it on me’’.

Well, George Ezra certainly seems to be the reason behind the new season.

This is who we’ve waited’ for…

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