Carolina Liar – The Gospel Truth

Carolina Liar knows the truth when it comes to music. This is a rock band that states the facts as their track ‘’Show Me What I’m Looking For’’ points the way for this Swedish-American quintet. Their charming 2009 track and most poignant to date, also features as the back drop music for the latest Swinton Insurance TV promo as it shares its talent with the Hungarian Shadow Dance Troup ‘Attraction’. Carolina Liar however can never be put in the shade as its iconic single crosses genres that embrace both pop rock and gospel, whilst highlighting the songs adopted John Lennon digital piano style and integrate Oldfield-type chimes for a featured liturgical quality. With all this from one release Carolina Liar delivers the gospel truth.   Carolina Liar – The Gospel Truth

Carolina Liar – Rock Band With A Twist

Chad Wolf is the lead singer and co-writer for this mighty five Swede heavy ensemble and the only member of Carolina Liar who originates from the US. Both vocal and instrumental versions of ‘’Show Me What I’m Looking For’’ have been released and whilst having the usual instrumental line up for a rock band of vocals, guitars and drums there’s an alternative twist of interest in their sound hailing from the digital piano ‘chimes’ to gospel choir backing coupled with Chad’s relaxed vocal style and the bands refreshing add-ons.

The Gospel Truth

Chad Wolf wastes no time in entering with his ardent vocal message that sits comfortably above those ‘churchy’ chimes, folk-like guitar strums and liberally spread, lilting digital piano line:

    F           Am         C,     F                           Am               G

‘’Wait, I’m wrong.      Should’ve done better that this’’

The addition of synth strings in Verse 2 and a distorted guitar instrumental that reinforce the chorus melody in the middle eight leads the track into a new dimension of greater proportions.

Chiming With Their Audience

The final chorus integrates a gospel choir that gives an ethereal feel and richer texture to the whole anthem-like section and a final resounding pedal from the digital piano as ‘’Show me what I’m looking for’’ finishes its final plea:

Chorus    F                Am         C        F                              Am              G

             ‘’Save me, I’m lost.            Oh Lord, I’ve been waiting for you ’’

Carolina Liar has received an incredible reception since the release of their single; brimming with alternative freshness, sounds that chime with their audience and with the backup of insurance just in case. Carolina Liar is the gospel truth.

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