Anne Kulonen – UnFinnish-ed Business?

Anne Kulonen is so much more than your everyday singer song-writer. She is an eclectic Finnish born musician who likes to draw on a variety of experiences and mediums and in so doing does not fit neatly into one particular music genre. Anne Kulonen can write a classical-based film score such as ‘The Foundling’ one day with its chilling depths and the next have you all aglow with the infantile vocals that accompany the Ready Brek advert. So whether it be writing with traditional orchestral constraints of more liberating electronica sounds on the digital piano, Anne Kulonen comes to life.  Anne Kulonen - UnFinnish-ed Business?


‘The Foundling’ is a gutsy 2010 soundtrack that shows Anne Kulonen at her musical best. With surging strings that drive the score forth, ‘The Foundling’ is a dark, searching composition that accompanies an equally unsettling account of a young, abandoned child who becomes a freak show performer.  The films raw characterisation is reflected by the digital piano leading the melody line in the upper register as solo clarinet and violin sore graciously alongside with their own empathetic counter motif. The music has a unique, dark beauty that never settles into its own skin and is constantly changing the direction of its time signature and motivic development. As closure is nigh the clanging digital piano chords and lower string undercarriage predict a sinister outcome to this sad but compelling story with a musical maturity bar none.

Anne Kulonen Ready And Waiting

From the vocal-led sounds of the Levan Polkka featuring on the Ready Brek advert to her quirky electronica tracks, Anne Kulonen shows a musical flexibility that though has its own musical merit isn’t to every ones taste and seems to slightly undo all the earthy, musical goodness of ‘The Foundling’.  Under her modernist composing name Anei ‘Stay With Me’ reflects an eerie backdrop that stirs Nordic beginnings of a more pastoral disposition. ‘Chains’ sees serene but intermittent digital piano passages that suddenly changes living alongside a reggae twist that could equally have hailed from a UB40 album. Not sure it works for me…

A More ‘Finnish-ed’ Product

The latest L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray advert starring Cheryl Cole is accompanied by a traditional, specially composed Anne Kulonen back-drop sound. Our composer for all season’s delivers a charming digital piano pastiche with a more polished ‘Finnish’ that takes Anne Kulonen back to her classical roots.

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