Anna Meredith – Music Of The Future?

Anna Meredith is a composer and performer of Scottish descent who claims she’s seen the future and it will be – and it works! Known for her unconventional ‘off the wall’ mix of classical and modern Anna Meredith likes to pump it up with electronic and acoustic sounds often cocktailing mesmerizing digital piano jazz motifs with a heady mix of midi and parallels of the traditional score. Though Anna’s musical beginning was as a clarinettist, she continues to explore outside her own musical box with the old and the new; as stomps, clicks, cellos and glockenspiels all line up to satisfy her seemingly unquenchable composing palette.Anna Meredith – Music Of The Future?

Back To The Future

As she traverses from prom to pop and back, Anna Meredith continues to score her goals and net acclamations that see the Masters of the Old School hand-in-hand with hard core Hip-Hoppers. Anna Meredith is presently enjoying the success of her latest EP ‘Jet Black Raider’ which comes hot on the heels of ‘Black Prince Fury’. Now you may think these two villainous titles sound like a recipe for Jedi warfare but lend an open ear and see if this music of two has a future as one.

Anna Meredith ’Nautilus’

From the onset a surging rhythm played on the electric piano sets a menacing tone. Upper brass heralds its entry blaring out forceful, rising sequences that drive the music forward. With the rhythm securely embedded a bass motif ascends from the underworld as imagery of fire-breathing monsters is let loose. Random percussive blasts do their worst whilst adding to the chaotic aura as the bass theme returns with a vengeance. Some semblance of order is restored as the ternary structure invites a final, spiralling ‘C’ section and the three minute rendition is completed with the rhythmic gyrations from digital piano reigning supreme.

More O’ Dith Music?

‘Nautilus’ is no stand-alone as Anna churns out her creative mix as ‘Black Prince Fury’ and ‘Jet Black Raider’ shape the new musical age.

But does the future hold Mer-e-dith kinda music?

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