The Wannadies – Music Wannabe’s

The Wannadies is a rock band that originally hailed from Sweden in the late 80’s.  The group of five bears the usual rock line-up but with an alternative twist of vocals, guitar, digital piano, drums and violin the latter of which has increased their audience circles and popularity to boot. After a string of false starts that included unfinished recordings, lack of a record company and the like, The Wannadies legendary 90’s hit ‘You And Me Song’ was one track that got them to where they want to be today. This nugget of a rock/pop song has also been used in numerous media contexts from Baz Luhrmann’s contemporary screening of Romeo + Juliet to theme music to its present cover version in the lengthy ‘Pets At Home’ TV ad. The Wannadies are now in a place they wanna be.The Wannadies – Music Wannabe’s

‘’You And Me Song’’

The song is an eclectic mix of many dimensions from the folky guitar introduction to the Butch Cassidy-styled vocal harmonies with a Latino back beat. The unique stylophone counter-melody is played on the electric piano:  F# A E-,  D E F#-, C#’ C B-,  E’

is an interesting addition just before The Wannadies bungee jump headlong into the unfettered chorus:

    D                 Em       F#m        G                x 2

‘’ You … and me … always… and forever           Ba….Bop Ba.. Bop Ba…. It was always’’ etc

The song drives on with the main thrust of the chorus ‘’You and Me’’ and an abundance of ‘’Bop Bop Ba’’s towards the end. There is no instrumental middle eight but the charming opening guitar passage and embedded bossa nova beat give a gentile closure to this rock solid track.


What The Wannadies Wanna Be

The ‘Pets At Home’ version is by an anonymous singer who gives a ballad feel to the onset of his homely cover version embedded by interspersed digital piano chords and a reverberating pedal that gives us time to drink in the music and reflect whilst we enjoy the pet show:

Dmaj7                         G/E                                   Dmaj7/E

’I love you Sunday song, The week’s not yet begun’’ etc

The soft rock version with splashes of pop and a give-away tambourine add that 60’s retro feel. The cello is an interesting add-on and echoes the violin dimension that gives The Wannadies what they wanted to be – loved!

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