The Cars – Music With Drive

The Cars are back in the music driving seat at present as their single rock track of the 70’s ‘Just What I Needed’ covers little flame Zingy as he lights up the latest EDF Energy TV advert.  The Cars name is a straight-talking, no nonsense label without any twists or turns intended; what you see is what you get. With the usual line-up of instrumentalists from vocals, guitar, digital piano and bass, The Cars have experimented with rock-pop genres and variables of the same since the off and with resounding success. The band’s sound is an eclectic mix of synth buzz and xxxxx that has carried them to the finishing line since their inception four decades ago. Today, The Cars quintet is sadly down to four but having taken a back seat they’re on track today and all geared up for their next big win. So what drives The Cars?…The Cars – Music With Drive

The Cars Drive 

This is The Cars most successful single to date with its poignant use as the ‘Live Aid’ project’s backdrop to the Ethiopia famine crisis in 1985. The song is a lush rock ballad that speaks of solitude with reverberating synth chords played on the digital piano, crushing percussion accents on the fourth beat, hushed choir ‘Aahs’ and a twinkling cluster that intersperses between sections:

B                                           Bm7         B

‘’Who’s gon-na tell you when- it’s too late?’’

Just What I Needed

As EDF’s Zingy rocks to and forth on all things electrical, lead guitar and digital piano synth voice go head-to-head in their sparring campaign. There’s little in it and both deserving winners topped by an energy-efficient chorus that returns with gusto:

A B                       A                 Cm                                 A          B                      A               Cm

‘’I guess your just what I needed, (just what I needed),       I needed someone to feed’ etc 

With The Cars signatory prowess well and truly established in the rock/pop market – the world is their race track. The Cars have a winning formula

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