Roberta Flack – Music Through Her Eyes

Roberta Flack has always been a musician to get under our skin. With her deep velvety voice that reaches out and calls out ‘just to us’; her endearing smile or easy-going charm. More recently Roberta Flack has found a new way to tease our senses as we see the music through her eyes. As Vision Express launches its new promo that encompasses a life time of good eye care as Roberta Flack hits us with her 70’s soulful classic ‘’The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’’.  This signatory song of seduction was one of tumultuous versions covered by artists at the time whilst also being included as backdrop music to films such as the psychological thriller ‘’Play Misty For Me’’ – the scene in mind would steam up any ones glasses! Cue Vision Express…  Roberta Flack

A Sight for Sore Eyes

’The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’’ was originally written as a folk song in 1957 with its tempo steaming ahead twice as fast as the Roberta Flack version. In many stage performances she can be seen sitting on her piano stool next to her digital piano playing the ballad-style accompaniment in a gentile, lilting quaver movement, others use ethereal synth strings and acoustic guitar to similar effect. Playing the digital piano was a skill that was to become second nature to Roberta Flack as she had been classically trained since the age of nine and this additional musical prop enhanced her vocal image:

Dm                        G7                              C

   A     D      D—   D  E F   E       C      G

’The first time, e-ver I saw your face’’.

A Feast  for the Eyes

As the Visions Express advert goes through its surreal, swirling  images of life behind the optic nerve, Roberta Flack sings of the optical sense as the ‘’sun rose in your eyes’… ‘’moon and stars’’ … ‘’empty skies’’ etc.  and this floating quality with heavenly references drives the same mood through to the end.

Roberta Flack in Focus

As a spectacles company keeping their beady eye on you with its ‘’Vision Taken Seriously’’ strapline for 2014 – so Roberta sings her way through the song with an unparalleled strength and resolve. All focus and no flack

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