Gorgon City – Music To Cry For

Gorgon City is a recent street-wise UK house/garage band that is moving in on the music industry. The electronic duo, Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott have formulated a friendly, ‘boy next door’ image with their easy-listening collusion of vocals and instrumental. With three collaborative releases in two years Gorgon City has settled in the neighbourhood quickly. Their 2014 winter track ‘’Ready For Your Love’’ is already crying out for attention as the backdrop to the Boohoo.com fashion store commercial set against a desolate expanse of roving plains and little else. But from out of the wilderness we behold Gorgon City.Gorgon City – Music To Cry For

What The Showcase Has In Store

As the Boohoo models strut their stuff on the hard landscape, a soft synth sustain of Gm F C  chords played on digital piano lays the bedrock for a husky MNEK vocal line who insists he’s ready for anything and everything:

Eb                               F                                         C

’I’m rea-dy for the start- of some-thin’ new. I’m rea-dy to de-part…’’ etc

Gorgon City Pumps It Up

The unabating rhythm that’s likened to a heartbeat pumps it way through the music – driving it on as our models find their bearings. Synth strings add a mysterious touch to the atmosphere complete with percussive ‘thunder claps’ as MNEK gets ready for the proverbial descending wet stuff ‘‘I’m rea-dy for the rain to pour down on me’’.  

Then the Gorgon City chorus finally hits home (‘’But most of all) ‘I’m ready for your love’’ with a spiralling motions complete with octaves, loops and repetition to embed the message – a popping bass line on digital piano adds that final friendly touch.

Are We Ready For Gorgon City?

As all are getting a foot hold of this rugged terrain, a tropical oasis is discovered and the final frame shows the models completely at home in their new surroundings. Now that’s adaptability at its best. But what about Gorgon City with a ‘’dreadful’ classical Greek name that cites female creatures whose legendary and powerful gaze turned its victims to stone! Are we ready for Gorgon City with their music to die for?

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