The Full Dudley

Anne Dudley is a household name in the world of music. At this moment you may say ‘’who?’’ but if I was to add the words ‘The Full Monty’’ you would most certainly nod in acknowledgement. As a female composer, Anne Dudley was originally classically trained as a digital piano player has had to earn her stripes even though her accreditations read like a shopping list. Yet whether it be as a session musician, performance artist or composer or arranger, Anne Dudley has met the challenges of the pop and classical world with equal temerity; rubbing shoulders with all the musical biggies as diverse as legendary singer Tom Jones to the more academic demands of ‘Les Miserables’ film scores. Anne Dudley is an ambassador for female success in an all-but male dominated industry but unlike the Full Monty and Mr Jones; her exposure is dependent upon leaving her hat on! The Full Dudley Continue reading “The Full Dudley”

Kate Bush – She’s Here Again

Ooh, Kate Bush is here again – the girl with the child in her eyes. This time she’s no flighty ‘twenty something’ who floats effortlessly around the stage – but fifth-five years of age. It would seem that age is all in the mind and its dictate hasn’t stopped Bush’s ardent fans buying highly sought after tickets for her forthcoming summer tour. Kate Bush is known for her eclectic mixed style of conformity and contention; taboo subjects lace much of her repertoire which is in turn is fringed with gothic and bohemian touches. Many of her compositions including ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Babooshka’ beheld a prominent, signatory digital piano style that enhanced the Bush unique vocal style with its wide angled, ‘lispy’ pronunciation has become an endearing part of her trademark. Kate Bush is a retro heroine returning to the stage for a second bite of the musical cherry. Ooh… She’s here again.Kate Bush – She’s Here Again Continue reading “Kate Bush – She’s Here Again”

Dudley – Can I Have Some Moore

Dudley Moore used the tools he was born with to climb life’s ladder; his shortened height, his dextrous fingers and his sophisticated brain. Though small in stature at five foot two inches and with club feet, ‘Cudley Dudley’ compensated with musical hands of status that travelled the width and breadth of the digital piano like a whirling dervish and got Mr Moore the musical attention he sought. Of course Dudley Moore was also a celebrated English actor and comedian in his own right and was equally known in the trade for his double –act with the similarly talented Peter Cooke. Even when Moore played a comic character in films such as ‘Authur’ and ‘10’, his musical side always shine through but his accomplishment as a jazz digital piano player was never in doubt. Dudley Moore was a musical genius at the keys and with his passing twelve years ago in March 2002 will always leave many wanting Moore.Dudley Moore Can I Have Some Moore Continue reading “Dudley – Can I Have Some Moore”

M. J. Cole – The Sound of Taste

M. J. Cole is the UK’s man in the garage. Having trained as a digital piano player the traditional way and with his academic prowess behind him, M. J. Cole is busy reinventing himself. He can presently be found absent from the garage sound and back on his piano stool; spicing up his music with a little help from Schwartz. The spice company’s hot, hot, hot one minute TV commercial is produced by Grey London and complete with awesome pyrotechnics, a backdrop of classical sounds from M. J. Cole and a dash of paprika – an explosive combination of taste and sound are unleashed. It’s like Jackson Pollock, Sony and Dulux all rolled into one as the effects are visually stunning and the digital piano music ain’t half bad either. So it would seem that whatever M. J. Cole turns his musical hand to in the garage – he can also produce tasteful music in the studio.  M. J. Cole - The Sound of Taste Continue reading “M. J. Cole – The Sound of Taste”

Gorgon City – Music To Cry For

Gorgon City is a recent street-wise UK house/garage band that is moving in on the music industry. The electronic duo, Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott have formulated a friendly, ‘boy next door’ image with their easy-listening collusion of vocals and instrumental. With three collaborative releases in two years Gorgon City has settled in the neighbourhood quickly. Their 2014 winter track ‘’Ready For Your Love’’ is already crying out for attention as the backdrop to the fashion store commercial set against a desolate expanse of roving plains and little else. But from out of the wilderness we behold Gorgon City.Gorgon City – Music To Cry For Continue reading “Gorgon City – Music To Cry For”

Music Madness Is One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond is a single hit song by the 70’s ska band Madness. The group has presently banded together with heavy-weight food giant McDonalds to promote ‘Fruit Free Friday’ to those whose 5-a-day has lost its way.  As this offer is only available on the first Friday of every month – you won’t see the child-friendly advertising spurge that often but Madness and McD (sounds like a cool MC mix) hope their One Step Beyond message will still have even a slim chance of engaging with those for whom childhood obesity is an issue.  One step towards solving this worldwide endemic could be through this type of positive, fun-based project. With an ad that’s complete with freshly foraged fruit and accompanied by an eccentric man on the digital piano – it’d be madness not to try it. So if ‘Music Be The Food of Love’… let the children play on. Music Madness Is One Step Beyond Continue reading “Music Madness Is One Step Beyond”

Sporting Our Official Anthem

The Official Anthem seem to be the name of the beautiful game as we see the official launch of the cover of the Take That song ‘Greatest Day’ grows ever closer.  Duo Gary Barlow and Gary Lineker have fronted a musical Team GB made up of fellow celebrity stars to collate the official anthem’s recording as the 2014 World Cup song. Sports Relief Day on 21st March should see the debut single score some serious goals complete with financial pledges and musical exposure. Meanwhile, the Official Anthem has had the UK’s sporting running for cover for some time now as the mascot music single becomes part of the sporting kit and kaboodle. But does it have that winning streak?  Sporting Our Official Anthem Continue reading “Sporting Our Official Anthem”

Roberta Flack – Music Through Her Eyes

Roberta Flack has always been a musician to get under our skin. With her deep velvety voice that reaches out and calls out ‘just to us’; her endearing smile or easy-going charm. More recently Roberta Flack has found a new way to tease our senses as we see the music through her eyes. As Vision Express launches its new promo that encompasses a life time of good eye care as Roberta Flack hits us with her 70’s soulful classic ‘’The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’’.  This signatory song of seduction was one of tumultuous versions covered by artists at the time whilst also being included as backdrop music to films such as the psychological thriller ‘’Play Misty For Me’’ – the scene in mind would steam up any ones glasses! Cue Vision Express…  Roberta Flack Continue reading “Roberta Flack – Music Through Her Eyes”

Frozen – Show Stoppers At The Oscars

Frozen seems to be a headline associated with two Oscars this week as the first is awarded for its show stopping qualities and the other as courtroom proceedings are frozen whilst the Pritorius case gets its over-share of publicity!

Both Oscar settings certainly uphold their share of glitz and glamour as celebrities sit and wait for the verdict that will secure their future. The outcome for our Hollywood venue is a happy one for singer Idina Menzel and composers Kristen Anderson-Lopez and husband Robert Lopez as Disney’s 2013 film Frozen adorns all that is best in an original song. ‘’Let It Go’’ is the stereo-typical, heart-string ballad complete with digital piano accompaniment and forlorn young female.  Just like Pocohantas, Snow White and the myriad of animated female characters looking for love – Queen Elsa will find her equal and melt his frozen heart. Frozen – Show Stoppers At The Oscars Continue reading “Frozen – Show Stoppers At The Oscars”

Ben Cocks – British Made

Ben Cocks is one of Britain’s finest – an East End home grown variety found working the sounds behind many a film documentary or television commercial. Whether it’s a thought-provoking car advert or an atmospheric ferry travel; the Ben Cocks brand is unmistakably British. His quaint folk strain permeates his compositions and are tastefully peppered with unlikely instrumental combinations such as a digital piano sitting side-by-side on the stave with glockenspiel and ukulele. Titles of the Ben Cocks brand are unmistakable story-tellers in their own right and somehow make us want to listen in and experience more. Example tracks like ‘Curiosity’, ‘The Dance Is Over’ and ‘Be Part Of It’ reveal a nostalgic Ben Cocks personality mixed with a snatch of tomorrow, from a composer who knows how to get under your musical skin today.   Ben Cocks - British Made Continue reading “Ben Cocks – British Made”