Pet Music – Rock ’n’ Roll Over

Rock ‘n’ Roll Over is the latest music craze as we encourage our pets to sing the language of love. They learn the tricks and we get the treats whilst singing cats, dogs and budgies entertain the masses with their ‘sing it kitty’ tactics that assume our pet-loving nature will condone their musical genius as part of our pet- at-home plan.

Back as far as the 1920’s Dr Dolittle found it second nature to talk to the animals from Polynesia the talking parrot to Chee-Chee the monkey. Now entertainment on our screens has taken man and his mutt relationship to the next level. So should we rock ‘n’ roll over as God’s creatures promotes TV adverts via mobile company Three and Freeview with music backdrops from ‘60s soul mates and ‘80s pop rockers? These pets are well-rehearsed and come complete with an authentic instrumental line up of the day from guttural vocal lines, electric guitars to retro digital piano sounds. Man’s best friend has certainly improved his language skills since the first Walls ‘’Saus-ag-es’’ advert whose caption was ‘snapped up’ by a talking dog!  Rock n Roll

We Built This Kitty

‘Starship’ is a US pop-rock band that performed their signature song ‘’We Built This City’’ with homely pride – despite it being ranked as one of the worst songs ever! It is presently the backdrop track for the mobile company ‘Three’ as a young girl cycles round her neighbourhood complete with ‘kitty in a basket’ as he hitches a ride and sings a thrashing rock ‘n’ roll duet with his owner.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Over

The music begins with the title interacting with a reverberating digital piano organ sound and drives its way to the chorus whilst little girl and kitty drive ride it out round the block:

         Cmaj 9                      G                        Am7      G

‘’We built this city, We built this city on rock ‘n’ roll’’

Likewise ‘Freeview’ is happy to tweet us with their Cat and Budgie rendition of ‘’You’re All I Need To Get By’’.  Originally sung by soul duo Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1968 this Motown classic has a much more layback approach as our legendary pair launch themselves headlong into the song with a simple but resounding chorus with synth strings and brass sounds performed on the digital grand piano adding to the rising drama of this ‘animated’ advert:

G               A7              Cm G

’You’re all I need. To get by’

Royalty Over Loyalty?

Well, the rock ‘n’ roll over musicians behind ‘Freeview’ and ‘Three’ may be getting their royalties but what about our loyalty as responsible pet owners? Is this the crux of entertainment at its best and do we really need such ‘’silly stuff’’.  Are we a-meow-sed – or should we just sit and rock ’n’ roll over?

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