Heinz Advert Music – Full of Beanz!

Heinz advert music is certainly full of goodness and it can warm the cockles of your heart. Whether it accompanies a bowl of comforting soup, a tin of baked beans or a microwave snack pot – Heinz advert music is the recipe for success. It does what it says on the tin with the added ingredient of advert music that can be squeezed, pumped or slurped. From electronic music with its creative imagery and piquant digital piano style to the energetic backdrop of the 70’s disco beat – Heinz ensures its advert music is full of beans no matter what the season. This company’s slant on ‘5-a-day’ is cleverly combined with equally palatable repertoire of retro songs that fill us all with…beans! Check out the stirring music…     Continue reading “Heinz Advert Music – Full of Beanz!”

Pharrell Williams – Life In The Happy Lane

Pharrell Williams has certainly learnt how to overtake fellow musicians of his time as he strolls merrily on in life’s happy lane. ‘Happy’ is an upbeat soul/funk cross song from the soundtrack of the animation film ‘’Despicable Me 2’’ with it released as single late in November 2013. ‘’Happy’’s world-wide appeal is having an effect on the global music market and it may just top the Coca Cola song ‘’I’dLike To Teach the World to Sing’’ of 1971 with its endearing, cosmopolitan message and a hook we’re all happy to latch on to. The new Fiat 500 Spring/Summer collection is also taking the Pharrell Williams soundtrack up a gear with car and summer wardrobe to match. So let’s boot up the sound!Pharrell Williams - Life In The Happy Lane Continue reading “Pharrell Williams – Life In The Happy Lane”

Valentine’s Music To Woo Her By

Valentine’s music is all part of the wooing package if you want to win over your bow. As Valentine’s Day is falling on a Friday this year you can consider the weekend as part of your strategy so ensure the romantic gestures run smoothly; table is booked, flowers ordered, cake baked and music carefully selected etc. As Gary Barlow is sure to tell you ‘’a million love songs later’’ there is a vast repertoire to choose from – but what about choosing those that have Valentine in the title – they’re sure to woo the most. While, you’re thinking of what to put on your play list – here’s some ‘funny’ Valentine’s music at its best…Valentine’s Music To Woo Her By Continue reading “Valentine’s Music To Woo Her By”

Shirley Temple – Worshipped And Adored

Shirley Temple was everything good when I was a child; her curly locks, whiny American accent and the fact that she could sing, dance and remember her lines (albeit so small) – all at the same time! I was saddened to hear of her passing but will continue to celebrate her social talent of ‘all things musical’. Either way, Shirley Temple was a unique child star of the ‘30s and born to shine whether it was performing or politics. Shirley Temple in Young Years Continue reading “Shirley Temple – Worshipped And Adored”

The White Walkers Of The Winter Olympics

White Walkers feature in the 2014Winter Olympic soundtrack promoting a long-awaiting and contentious event. This year’s hosting at Sochi in Russia sees human rights issues pervade the snow-clad pitch as an otherwise global gathering of the world’s best sportsmen and women come together. Sothe temperature may be low but the heat is on as White Walkers competes for gold. But will it reach the summit and conquer all the musical elements. Continue reading “The White Walkers Of The Winter Olympics”