Menomena – A Light Bulb Moment

Menomena is an indie rock duo from the US who is presently enjoying the effects of their light bulb moment. The band’s music single track ‘Wet and Rusting’ is the illuminating backdrop to the new Ikea advert set in a dark forest. The Swedish furniture company; famed for its flat-packs is presently parading the perfect accompaniment to your straight-back, pure white chairs as it entices with an array of LED energy efficient light bulbs that dangle like stalagmites from the forest fauna. The ‘Wet and Rusting’music is also a myriad of All Things Bright and Beautiful as Menomena play’s rapid digital piano chords and twinkling glockenspiel clusters to draw you into this Aladdin’s cave of creativity. Mmmm – a bright idea you might think…Menomena – A Light Bulb Moment

Switched On Music

Wet and Rusting’ is a rock track that succinctly unfolds a story of hope as the light-bulb family adorns the forest. In the Ikea advert the one minute Menomena glimpse zooms on to the forest floor with a low-pitched ‘C’ drone played on the digital grand piano. This sinister intent of this motif is initially dispelled as a second rising layer of Ab C Db Ab’ and a hopeful tenor vocal line enters:

Em                  G                            Am              C

‘’ I made you a pre-sent, You’ll ne-ver expect it.

Em                   G           Em                             G

And when you un-ravel the se-cret will tra-vel home.

Em                  G                   Am      C

It’s hard to take risks with a pess-i-mist’’.

Making Room For Menomena

As the frames move through the various lamps, chandeliers and lighting wear-with-all, the rapidly repeated digital piano chords dominate the setting with acoustic chords guitar and glockenspiel ‘tings’ giving greater ambiance to the mood. The Swedish accented voice-over tells us of Ikea’s dramatic plans for 2016 which queues the digital piano to play the next section of alternating notes starting F to Db as the light bulbs flicker off/on in time.

Ikea’s ‘’small things, big difference’’ mantra kicks off the final section as a rapid succession of frames shows the light bulb family growing and glowing like mushrooms to fill the forest floor.

The Future’s Bright

Apparently, if you go down in the woods today – you’re sure of a big surprise; as it’sno longer a Teddy Bears picnic, but you can sing-a-long to Menomena and their’ Wet and Rusting’ LED baubles – Ikea is full of wonderful bright ideas – everyday

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