Musical Hair – The Long And Short of It

Hair seemed to be the most important thing on One Direction member Louis Tomlinson’s mind as his concerns over his locks seems to be more important than his beautiful game. In the short clip of his on screen antics he brushed his unkempt mop to one side at least five times.  Hair however has always been the crowning glory of many a music idol and no less so than ’Hair’ – the American tribal ‘60s love-rock musical that made the hippie movement hip with its cult image of rock and roll and naked, long flowing locked members playing a digital piano! Many of the songs scored for the ‘Hair’ musical became hits in their own right; topping the charts and entrenched in our minds all these years later. Perhaps it’s time to resurrect the past.Thne Musical Hair Continue reading “Musical Hair – The Long And Short of It”

Cockney Rebel – Music To Make You Smile

Cockney Rebel is a UK rock band of different variables that peaked in the 70’s. The bands reputation for forming and reforming seemed to cause confusion rather than enhance the group’s image with the characteristic instrumental line up at one point including electric violin, mandolin and a Fender Rhodes digital piano sound. The height of success for Cockney Rebel saw music of different genres crossing with Steve Harley’s eccentric personality and a repertoire that included signature hit ‘’Make Me Smile’’. Despite its success as a backdrop for screen showings from film to advertising, the glam rock title beholds a more sinister undertone as Harley’s carefree image veiled a darker story of mutinous rebels – cockney or otherwise.Cockney Rebel Continue reading “Cockney Rebel – Music To Make You Smile”

Elkie Brooks – Britain’s Queen Of Blues

Elkie Brooks, Britain’s Queen of Blues is celebrating her 69th birthday today. During her long and distinguished career as a vocalist she has crossed continents and genres with her trademark ‘alto’ huskiness performing rock, pop, blues and jazz and reaching audiences across the globe. She has been nominated for two Brit Awards for song titles that veil messages of love lost and painted smiles. Elkie Brooks’ crowning glory days of the 70’ and 80’s still serve her well today as she reigns supreme on the UK’s Blues throne.    Elkie Brooks Continue reading “Elkie Brooks – Britain’s Queen Of Blues”

Michel – LeGrand Player Of Note

Michel Legrand, French digital piano player extraordinaire celebrates his 82nd birthday today. Legrand is not just noted for his virtuosic performances but also his contribution as a composer of film music. His discography for the screen and theatre is vast with awards and nominations being amongst the highest given to an instrumentalist this century. Legrand music is exactly that – le grand; an accomplished repertoire of scores and recordings from landmark films such as ‘’The Thomas Crown Affair’’. With a rapturous melody that tears at the heart strings and at 82; Legrand remains a major player of note.Michael Legrand Continue reading “Michel – LeGrand Player Of Note”

Pet Music – Rock ’n’ Roll Over

Rock ‘n’ Roll Over is the latest music craze as we encourage our pets to sing the language of love. They learn the tricks and we get the treats whilst singing cats, dogs and budgies entertain the masses with their ‘sing it kitty’ tactics that assume our pet-loving nature will condone their musical genius as part of our pet- at-home plan.

Back as far as the 1920’s Dr Dolittle found it second nature to talk to the animals from Polynesia the talking parrot to Chee-Chee the monkey. Now entertainment on our screens has taken man and his mutt relationship to the next level. So should we rock ‘n’ roll over as God’s creatures promotes TV adverts via mobile company Three and Freeview with music backdrops from ‘60s soul mates and ‘80s pop rockers? These pets are well-rehearsed and come complete with an authentic instrumental line up of the day from guttural vocal lines, electric guitars to retro digital piano sounds. Man’s best friend has certainly improved his language skills since the first Walls ‘’Saus-ag-es’’ advert whose caption was ‘snapped up’ by a talking dog!  Rock n Roll Continue reading “Pet Music – Rock ’n’ Roll Over”

Paloma Song Birds

Paloma in Spanish means ‘dove’ and is a word given to all females in the Hispanic realm. I, myself know of two Paloma’s both of which come from the musical world; Paloma Faith and Paloma Blanca.

The former Paloma Faith, eccentric UK musician who spans multiple genres from pop to soft and soul. Her style has been likened to that of Amy Winehouse and Duffy mix with her sultry bohemian-style exterior and alto vocal range. Paloma has kept the faith by recently tweeting and dispelling any rumours that she is to be the UK’s song bird at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The second Paloma is a 70’s pop hit by Dutch musician George Baker who sang ‘’Una Paloma Blanca’’ (translated as ‘’One White Dove’’) got Europe dancing to his lyrics denoting freedom from the hardships of life.   La Paloma Blanca - A White Dove Continue reading “Paloma Song Birds”

One Direction – A Sign Of The Times

One Direction is definitely going the right way to becoming the new Beatles boom. The Anglo/Irish boy band found itself going home with two Brit Awards last night; Global Success and British Video gong of the Year. This quintet of cute young things namely; Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam have pop-rocked their way to the top through the usual route of talent-spotted show winners, effective marketing and celebrity backing. It would seem there’s room on the stage for yet another boy band to take a smitten girl’s mind off reality. So, if you’re a  One Direction fan then get ready to dance all night to the ‘’Best Song Ever’’… One Direction – A Sign Of The Times Continue reading “One Direction – A Sign Of The Times”

Menomena – A Light Bulb Moment

Menomena is an indie rock duo from the US who is presently enjoying the effects of their light bulb moment. The band’s music single track ‘Wet and Rusting’ is the illuminating backdrop to the new Ikea advert set in a dark forest. The Swedish furniture company; famed for its flat-packs is presently parading the perfect accompaniment to your straight-back, pure white chairs as it entices with an array of LED energy efficient light bulbs that dangle like stalagmites from the forest fauna. The ‘Wet and Rusting’music is also a myriad of All Things Bright and Beautiful as Menomena play’s rapid digital piano chords and twinkling glockenspiel clusters to draw you into this Aladdin’s cave of creativity. Mmmm – a bright idea you might think…Menomena – A Light Bulb Moment Continue reading “Menomena – A Light Bulb Moment”

Music Plagiarism – The Art Of Stealing

Music Plagiarism is an Art form in itself. You’ve got to have the minimum of artistic nous and skill to pinch the creative juices of another. Picasso is supposed to have said ‘’A good artist borrows, a great artist steals’’; though I’m not sure former Beatles member George Harrison would agree as ‘subconscious music plagiarism’ took hold one fine day in the 70’s. But Mr Harrison is not alone in this underground venture of nicking someone else’s musical gear to feather his own cap as The Kinks guitar riff or Boney M’s verse material will testify; music plagiarism is taken from eclectic experiences and labelled as pastiche. So who else got their musical fingers burnt and to what cost?Music Plagiarism – The Art Of Stealing Continue reading “Music Plagiarism – The Art Of Stealing”

Tinie Tempah – Mixing With The Stars

Tinie Tempah is an all-round good egg; not short tempered or bad as he frivolously ‘high fives’ with the Royals at the British Academy Awards. As well as mixing with the stars Tinie Tempah is also busy with high flyers of the four wheeled kind as he ‘’brings the star out’’ for the new Mercedes AMG model and endorses the car’s strapline with his own contributory ‘sound of power’ via a Tinie rap and big personality.  What else can we disc-over about the talents of Tinie Tempah who mixes with the stars. Tinie Tempah Mixing the stars Continue reading “Tinie Tempah – Mixing With The Stars”