Timber – The Sounds Going Down

Timber has been circling as a weekly chart topper since its release in October 2013. Globally Timber’s folk-ish charm fluctuates from its peak at number one in numerous global music charts to a lowly 28th position on the Japanese airwaves. The elements that make up Timber are made up of various strands with prominence from the songs frontman US rapper Pitbull to fellow rapping artist Kesha. Uncharacteristically a featured harmonica element played on digital piano is added to the track giving the song a unique cross-over genre from rap to folktronica. So take your partners for the sounds going down and let’s ‘’Dosey doe’’ with Timbre. Timber are made up of various strands with prominence from the songs frontman US rapper Pitbull

Take Your Partners

The track starts with an interesting instrumental intro as harmonica and electric lead guitar display a dialogue of syncopated melodic motif over a bed of strummed chords:

Ab BBB Gb Ab/ Gb EbDb B Eb Gb-

The duo continues as the main riff throughout as Kesha enters with the chorus complete with steady drum beat, hand claps and a suave vocal line to emulate the folk element:

It’s goin’ down. I’m yellin’ timber, Youbett-er move, you bett-er dance.

Having established the genre types with techno and folk elements Pitbull now enters adding his philosophical rapping dimension to the proceeding:

‘’The bigger they are, the harder they fall’’. This lyrical line is taken from a twentieth century English proverb and preceeds the ‘’biggitty’’ rhythms that refer to Mylie Cyrus and her lesser-clad antics of the recent past. Pitbull finishes each line with the word ‘timber’ to enforce the link to the rest of the song.

Timber – It’s All Going Down

‘’Swing your partner round and round’’adds a square dance feel to the track and this take us neatly back to the chorus for the second time with all elements playing and the texture thickening. Half way through the song Pitbull references a famous scripted line from the film Superman as the genres of techno and folk mix:

‘’Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane.’’ This is followed by the chorus for the third time which just about rounds up the material at this point.


Tree Fella Shouts Timber

The remainder of the track is an amalgamation of all the elements as they weave together with Kesha’s‘Oohs’ and ‘timber’ inserts by Pitbull. The under-carriage of the persistent harmonica timbre on digital piano backed by guitar is reminiscent of the iconic composer Ennio Morriconi’s Wild West trademark of the 60’s.  His legendary track ‘Man With A Harmonica’ steals a march here and makes this song what it is whilst a tree fella ‘wraps’ it up and takes it down.

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