Diversity – The Sky’s The Limit

Diversity, the UK street dance troop is in heaven today as they get to ‘strut their stuff’ on Sky 1. The New Year kicks off well for this talented group of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 winners as they front their own show ‘Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance’. Diversity grooves to the sounds of street dance music that includes a balancing act of creative isms from popping and robotics to synchronising with lyrical and contemporary hip hop dance music. Since its inception in 2007 Diversity has literally grown head and shoulders above other acts of the same art with their team commitment, disciplined rehearsal schedule and switched on music back drop. Diversity may be the brand – but they perform as one.The Dance group Diversity

Balancing Act

Diversity’s act is one of fine balance as they perform a variety of sharp and concise storylines lasting well beyond five minutes. Their music repertoire is also diverse as the troop dips into music from the classical to the contemporary. Shuffles, grooves and clever subtle moves are all timed to synchronise with different music scenarios. From Sc-fi to a Michael Jackson song medley the team perform to robotic commands of ‘’forward march’’, ‘’activate’’ and initiate armour!’’. Much of the Diversity act is based on rhythm rather than melody as much of their hip hop music back drop is ‘tune-free’ and beat orientated.

Diversity – Going Up In The World

Sci-fi storylines are often accompanied by the large forces of a classical orchestra to more skeletonised digital piano sounds as an elevator is ‘’going up’’ and Perri, the youngest Diversity member erectly ascends with rocket-like proportions on the shoulders of his peers. The digital piano motif from Vangelis’s ‘Chariots Of Fire’ can be seen as the team slow their act down to a slow motion to the finishing line:

D G A B A F#,     D G AB A-,     D G A B AF#     F# G F# D D

And the 60’s sounds of the Beach Boys also pop into Diversity’s repertoire with hit ‘Surfin’ USA’ adding humour to the act and the crowd just roar for more as Perri nonchalantly surfs above his team mates heads:

Bb B   BBBB    A    A    D-,   Bb  B      BB   A  G

‘’If   Ev’rybo-dy had an oc-ean, A-cross the U, S, A’’

Brothers In Arms

We wish Diversity every success with their new sky 1 venture. The troop has transformed the way the public thinks about dance with all its stereotypes and its ‘girls only’ image as brothers are also doing it for themselves.  It looks like things are looking up for this group of brothers in arms …. head’s, shoulder’s, knees and toes (knees and toes).

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