To Peter Seeger – Peace, Peace, Peace

Peter Seeger had so many strings to his bow from his 5-stringbango and 12-string guitar to a repertoire of songs that span the decades. As a folk singer he popularised tracks including ‘’Turn, Turn Turn’’and ‘’Where Have All The Flowers Gone’’ – both of which we babes of the 60s were weaned on. But what do we know of hillbilly hero Peter Seeger and the inspirational impact of his music. Read, read, read…Peter Seeger had so many strings to his bow Continue reading “To Peter Seeger – Peace, Peace, Peace”

Blue Is The Colour

Blue is a word we associate first and foremost with colour. Blue however has many other connotations from the sensible to the censored. On screen Blue is a the name given to films that span Japan to Bollywood and in the world of music Blue heads an array of songs and albums from as diverse genres as Joni Mitchell to Linkin Park. Blue is the precious guitar owned by Billie Joe Armstrong, member of the punk rock band Green Day and the name of a full scale piano concerto by British composer Matthew King. But this colour pales into insignificance without mention of the R&B band 2000 Blue. This foursome boy band have made success bigger and brighter than most despite a lull in their early years and are presently performing at their peak. Avid fans think they’ve ‘dyed and gone to heaven’ with Blue as their favourite colour.

Billy Joe Armstrongs Blue Guitar

Continue reading “Blue Is The Colour”

Harmony Everly After

The Everly Brothers were a legendary music duo of the late 50’s. Their mark was made through a country-based style that produced ballad type songs of romance and perpetual love. The Everly Brothers played side-by-side accompanying their repertoire on steel-stung guitar and teaching the proverbial world to sing in perfect harmony. Today as Phil Everly passed away we reflect on the legacy he left behind and how the duo’s contribution shaped the course of modern rock music as it is today.The everly brothers Continue reading “Harmony Everly After”

Happy Mondays Or Blue?

Happy Mondays is not just an 80’s rock band from Salford but a pro-active global attempt to oust Blue Monday for good. Though the official Blue Monday is not ‘til later in the month of January droves of ‘feel-gooders’ take it upon themselves to rid us of the doom and gloom of Blue Monday. From the making of Feel Good Food and Laughter Workshops to Brighter Business Brigades there is a Blue Monday buster near you. So whilst you prepare for the lows of Blue Monday get yourself a dose of anti-weekday music. It’ll keep you on track and turn your start-the-week blues into a Happy Monday high.Happy Mondays is not just an 80’s rock band Continue reading “Happy Mondays Or Blue?”

The Kings Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock ‘n’ Roll sees the focus on two Kings this week – one past and one future. Elvis Presley would have been 79 years old on 8th January and this King of Rock ‘n’ Roll continues to wear the beat nick crown.  Meanwhile our future King, Prince William takes on a different role as he exchanges his blue suede shoes for wellies and his own proverbial pack of hound dogs as he embarks on a 10- week course at Cambridge University in Agricultural Management.The Kings Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Continue reading “The Kings Of Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Diversity – The Sky’s The Limit

Diversity, the UK street dance troop is in heaven today as they get to ‘strut their stuff’ on Sky 1. The New Year kicks off well for this talented group of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 winners as they front their own show ‘Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance’. Diversity grooves to the sounds of street dance music that includes a balancing act of creative isms from popping and robotics to synchronising with lyrical and contemporary hip hop dance music. Since its inception in 2007 Diversity has literally grown head and shoulders above other acts of the same art with their team commitment, disciplined rehearsal schedule and switched on music back drop. Diversity may be the brand – but they perform as one.The Dance group Diversity Continue reading “Diversity – The Sky’s The Limit”

Timber – The Sounds Going Down

Timber has been circling as a weekly chart topper since its release in October 2013. Globally Timber’s folk-ish charm fluctuates from its peak at number one in numerous global music charts to a lowly 28th position on the Japanese airwaves. The elements that make up Timber are made up of various strands with prominence from the songs frontman US rapper Pitbull to fellow rapping artist Kesha. Uncharacteristically a featured harmonica element played on digital piano is added to the track giving the song a unique cross-over genre from rap to folktronica. So take your partners for the sounds going down and let’s ‘’Dosey doe’’ with Timbre. Timber are made up of various strands with prominence from the songs frontman US rapper Pitbull Continue reading “Timber – The Sounds Going Down”