Stepping Into The Light With Littlewoods

Into The Light ’ this year has replaced 2012’s ‘White Nights’ as the sound track for Littlewoods Christmas campaign. Amid the deep midwinter glow of lights and nights Myleene Klass uses her special Littlewoods touch to spread the load in your pocket and Santa’s sleigh. This Yuletide you’ll find our celebrity in Santa’s grotto dressed as a glamorous picker of Christmas delights from a ‘’Samsung Tab 3’’ for dad to ‘’something fancy’’ for mum. The soundtrack helps to make this Littlewoods promo an advert apart with music ‘’Into The Light’’sung by Arlissa it’s a touching scene at the push of a …finger!     

Letter To Santa

Arlissa is a UK singer-songwriter who sits comfortably in the Indie-Pop genre with her single ‘’Into The Light’’. The first scene of the advert sees a little girl excitedly making her way to the post box with her letter addressed to Santa in the North Pole. Arlissa’s cries of ‘’Ooh, oh, Ooohh!’’ and the jingle of sleigh bells add a further thrill to the snow-laid scene complimented in the second frame as our bearded recipient responds with his timely ‘’HoHoHo!’’ First on the list is a green Furby Boom as we are transported to Santa’s grotto that’s stacked to the ginnels with presents. Into the Light

‘ Into The Light ’

The music is based around the digital piano chords of C, F and Am with ascending arpeggios being a prominent feature of this track. From the onset the music heralds a dotted rhythm that gives the music momentum alongside its angular shapes exampled in ‘’You rise and you fall’’. The song has a Celtic feel with jangling sounds that fit into the Littlewoods theme of Christmas toys etc. The lyrics are broken up in a rather unnatural way as they escalate up and down:

‘’Fast fuse I—ig-nite it—‘’ etc

The song is strewn with lyrics that return to the entitled ‘’Into the light’’. From ‘’burning bright’’,’’ ignite’’ to ‘’illuminate’’ the galloping back beat and looped chord pattern guides the music home.

The Littlewoods Touch

Littlewoods seems to have the magic touch as sleigh bells, oofle dust and Myleene’s magic finger all point to a successful promo. It’s the heady ‘izzywizzy’ and the fulfillment of Christmas wishes that lets us see the light.

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