Sainsbury Has Christmas In The Bag Part III

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all those little foibles and moments that the season special. Sainsbury has taken all the quirks and quotes from by-gone years of Yuletide jollification and made it into their seasonal ‘Christmas in a Day’ campaign for 2013. This is the third and final part of my blitz on Sainsbury’s take on ‘bagging the best ad’ and I hope it brings tiding of comfort and joy to you all!Christmas at Sainsburys

A Gap In The Market

Having shown the run-up to the big day complete with music and mayhem, Sainsbury heralds Christmas Day and excited youngsters as we approach the halfway point.

On entering the dining room, one infant gasps with delight at the sight she beholds with ‘All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth’ cued on the digital piano. Composed in 1944 as a fickle and ‘’silly song’’ this track has remained a timeless favourite. From String Quartet to Sesame Street both the serious and senile have claimed their share of the bounty with Nat King Cole’s version being the favourite. From rap to country to disco – all the genres have been covered but the slinky swing style of the crooner king always hits the spot.

Straight From The Reindeer’s Mouth 

Nat King Cole and his trio of ‘’Doo da doo dum’’ close harmonies offer an endearing approach to wishing you a Merry Christmas. Complete with swing band arrangement – this silly song goes all the way to delivering the importance of Christmas without a lisp!

’All  I want For Christ-mas is my two front teeth’’

D  C# D    C#    D       E   D  B     C A        A

Soldiering On

Christmas lunch and its perfect timing is all important to many of us whether it’s done by guesswork, gut or spreadsheet. JonaLewie and ‘’Stop The Cavalry’’ features at this point in this short rendition of the 1980 New Wave work. Yet another protest song that turned into a family favourite and complete with brass band is heard as a myriad of Santa’s aim for the water. With deeper undertones of references to works by Mozart and Alfven the music synchronises with a sponsored Santa swim to give a lighter mood to an otherwise morose song featuring the horrors of war. The brass-band forges a cheery rendition of the main motif as Churchill is called to account and an army of kitchen goddesses soldier on over a hot stove.

E EE D C#, D DD C# B, C# C# #C B A B G# E

Christmas In The Bag

As the advert rounds the final bend it sees the return of ‘’I Believe in Father Christmas’’ (See Part II) as a family are reunited as one and the music plays out to this poignant message. So complete with teeth, tinsel and all things bright and beautiful it looks this Christmas like Sainsbury has it in the bag.

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