Puttin’ In the Boots This Christmas

Boots are puttin’ the boot in with a bit of attitude this Christmas. Their one minute seasonal campaign packs a punch as it features a teenager boy at home with the usual limited utterances as he descends the stairs and slams the front door in reply to a request from his dad as to where he’s going – ‘’Out!’’.To add fuel to the fire bovver boy Jimmy Somerville, Scottish pop singer boots up an old 80’s classic ‘Turn Away, Run Away’ reinforcing the adolescent’s bad press as complete with hoody, booty bag and sneaky dealings we assume he’s up to no good. This Christmas Boots cleverly embeds their ‘Let’s Feel Good’ campaign as our wayward youth turns the storyline around embarking on a goodwill spree of present-giving with our faith in human nature peacefully restored. Moral of the story – the boy done good and the music ain’t bad either!Are your boots ready for Christmas

Am I Bovvered?

12 seconds in and the introduction to the track delivers a dark and suspect opening as lower strings played on the digital piano bow an aggressive rhythmic pattern that lays the foundations of suspicion. Our northern lad is seen laying low, ringing door bells then ‘legging it’ as Jimmy Somerville ‘Aahs’ his way through the first 4 bars with his trademark falsetto wails. Our youngster plan is soon revealed as his trail of present giving begins a gift for his Maths teacher ‘’Cos even though your eyebrows terrify me’’ adds humour to the storyline as he leaves a Philips shaver on the doorstep.

Christmas Knock And Run

’Run away, turn away’’ takes us to the ‘’Fittest girl in year 10’’ with perfume retrieved from the doorstep. The new wave music and refreshing new wave of goodness from our now hero continues on a similar path of endearment with as he delivers pressies galore. The sound of a heavily-accented back beat with the interweaving vocal strands now starts to thicken the texture as the digital piano plays a chiming response to the main motif.

Return of the Prodigal

Having done his rounds the teenager returns home to find a reciprocal present waiting for him on the table with a ‘do as you would be done by’ message now clearly embedded in the storyline. The music is fully charged at this final point of near closure with only 11 seconds to wind up.

A dramatic final fade including the refrain of ‘’Cry, boy, cry…’’ sees this poignant track dissipate into time as the ‘feel good factor’ catchphrase finally kicks in and our hero receives a present of his own. Boots certainly put the boot in this Christmas with a soulful message of giving to others

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