Wishing You A Wizzard Of AChristmas Part I

Wizzard are back in the frame this Christmas as Sainsbury present their ‘Christmas In A Day’ TV adverts. Whether its the mega-size montage primo at 3’.30’’ or the advert-ette featuring Wizzard in all their glam, Sainsbury are banking on nostalgia and the family network to bag the shopping bucks. Be it memorabilia, the music or a touch of madness the Sainsbury ad is causing quite a stir both in the kitchen and with fellow retail giants who have banked on similar retro moments to capture your heart and your wallet this Christmas. So who will win the day…or is it purely a matter of taste. The wizzard of Christmas Continue reading “Wishing You A Wizzard Of AChristmas Part I”

Pandora – Prepare To Be Dazzled

Pandora may have moved on with its Christmas campaign 2013 but its main focus is still to dazzle you with those precious little nuggets that sparkle like Christmas decorations from limb and the like. From the stirring sounds of ‘’You Know Me’’sung by the Danish singer-songwriter Silas Bjerregaardis elevated to a more sophisticated wave length as jazz takes centre stage. So prepare to be dazzled this Christmas with Pandora- go on – open the box. Pandora’s unforgettable moments are lingering for longer…Silias is featured in the new pandora ad Continue reading “Pandora – Prepare To Be Dazzled”

McDonalds – Somewhere Near You

McDonalds has finally revealed its Christmas Campaign 2013 this Cyber Monday. The advert fronting the festive flurry is called ‘Somewhere Near You’ and as we glance through the square, round and multi-shaped windows we see people from all walks of life enjoying their McDonalds peppered with  Christmas seasoning on the inside whilst the snow falls on the outside. From scenes in a snow globe to the poetic rhymes and rhythms of the narrator there’s a window of opportunity for everyone to enjoy this tasteful McDonalds ad. This one -minute wonder hosts music with a heavenly choir of angels and for me the gentle approach of this unassuming promo gets top marks for its child-like naivety. Mmmmm…I’m lovin’ it.  McDonalds Restaurant Continue reading “McDonalds – Somewhere Near You”