Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – A Bite Size Version

‘ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ’ comes to our TV screens this Yuletide courtesy of Apple. This year the software company’s ad campaign focuses on Apple’s AirPlay feature fronted by a ‘misunderstood’ teenager who compiles a seasonal message whilst on holiday with his family via a montage of festive fun. His pre-occupation with his bite size gadget is accompanied by the classic track ‘ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ’ as our lads anti-social slant is positively realised in the form of a TV presentation of the family’s holiday.Tidings of comfort and joy abound as the message of happy hols comes shining through complete with an endearing electric piano arrangement that delivers every time.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Comfort and Boy

Both male and female artists alike have crooned this 40’s Martin and Blane number from Judy Garland to Frank Sinatra. The song has changed shape considerably with the lyrics being modified and moulded from the onset. Vocal and instrumental arrangements from gospel choir to solitary digital grand piano to full-blown orchestral manuscripts have graced the stage:

    C      E      G   C’ G    F  E   D      C        D,   C      E       G     C’  G

Have your-self a mer-ry lit-tle Christ-mas, Let your heart be light,

A Cat With No Lives

Cat Power, US singer-songwriter sits at the head of the table on this occasion with her semi-spoken version coming in half-way through Apple’s promo. The family enjoy their team-building exercises from a 3’ snowman structure to sledging amid the winter’s snow reflectively accompanied by a promising digital piano rendition by way of a beautiful guttural bass line and a hint of the melody line. Unfortunately as family relations embed themselves a clear lack of dexterity in the execution of the keyboard performance becomes apparent with over-use of the pedal and lack of fluidity in the right-hand. Our awkward teenager is seen sitting it out in all AirPlay frames represented by a lonesome pining oboe.

I find Cat Powers version of ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ rather awkward and lifeless with its lethargic, breathy melody line. The rather complex digital piano line chomps its way rather crudely to the close of the advert with oboe in tow:



   E’    E’         F    A     C E’     D’ C’  B’  A’          B’     C’

‘’So have your-self a mer-ry lit-tle Christ-mas now’’


‘ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ’ From Apple

The Harris family were certainly full of Yuletide cheer which came to fruition with our lads bite size broadcast of laughs. No misunderstanding there then – which is more than can be said for the original lyrics. Judy Garland commented that they made her feel depressed so with reluctance the words were changed to sound more appealing than philosophical.Now the second line no longer read ‘’It May Be Your Last’’.

Yet more tidings of comfort and joy!

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