A Fizzin’ Christmas With Coca-Cola

Christmas with Coca-Cola is filled to the brim with fizz and sparkle this year. Their annual advertising campaign of 2013 leaves behind last year’s bears of the North Pole with their synchronised rugby scrum that has all the finesse of a classical ballet. This year the 30 seconds ‘Believe’ promo continues to shake up the happiness with a retro song passed down from one wise man to a heavenly choir of five angels. This Christmas Santa sends a shooting star with ‘’I Believe In You’’ all the way from Lapland with Coca-Cola’s message in a bottle carrying that extra sparkle and pop!Celebrate Christmas with Coca-Cola

Swopping A Truck For A King

With Coca-Cola parking up its holiday trucks this year, its Christmas campaign is staying on track with an oldie from the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Elvis Presley wrote ‘Falling In Love’ in 1961 which was itself a pastiche based on the classic French love song ‘Plaisird’Amour’’of 1784. Since the ‘30s artists have performed in both solo and ensemble capacity, revamping the song with various arrangements for first grade digital piano accompaniment to the larger forces of a children’s choir. Elvis’s velvety tones may have been outnumbered by female versions that stack up to double figures but his legacy lives on.

Pitching The Stars

The storyline begins with our ‘’wise man’’ Santa sending his message via a shooting star catapulted into the sky via an outdated but nonetheless worthy contraption. The music accompanies with defining lyrics in common time with guitar arpeggio and accented bass line. The shooting star travels across the night sky and is seen by many including a young, rugged footballer who is about to take his pitch at a goal. As the lyrics move to ‘’only fools rush in’’ he strains his ligament and the reserve player eagerly enters from the side line.

’But I can’t help falling in love with you’’ completes the 3rd and 4th lines as we move to the second frame as father passes the car keys to his son as the shooting star crosses the sky. They drive off down a snow-ridden track as the chorus fades…

The five golden singers are professional artists Guadalupe Varela, Florencia Ciarlo, Carolina Goldstein, Damian Oliver and Sofia Ottoviano though the Christmas Coca-Cola advert only features 30 seconds of a female vocal line.

The original Plasird’Amore is composed in the time of a lilting ¾ waltz. It’s step-wise melody is simply phrased and rounded:

D G A B–,  B  C  C  B  G  B   A—,   D E- F#-  G  A  B   E  A  C  B  A  G

Elvis rings the changes with plenty of vibrato in the low register:

D  E F#      G        A    B   C B    A        G

‘’ For I can’t help fall-ing in love with you.’’

Follow Your Own Star This Christma With Coca-Cola

If you too have fallen in love with this song this Christmas then transfer it to a Casio CDP-120 Digital Piano from Chase Direct for an electric piano that will not disappoint. To add some extra sparkle just select ‘heavenly choir’ and lilting waltz tempo to complete your performance. A star is born!

Holidays Are Coming

Between Coca-Cola’s popular rendition and Santa’s ‘’Believe In You’’ shooting star message it will keep you hitting the fizzin’ bottle this Christmas. With their trademark ‘Holidays Are Coming’– the King and the wise man seem to have the lid on it!

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