Christmas All Wrapped Up

Christmas is all wrapped up and neatly taken care of this year with Sellotape. The sticky tape expert is rolling out the red carpet for its on-hand dispenser that will help you make less of a bundle and more of a bouquet of your Christmas parcels. Complete with 32 seconds of musical carolling complete with enchanting digital piano motifs and a cockeyed partridge somewhere in his pear tree. So it’s a wise man (or 3) who starts his wrapping now as it may take you all of the 12 Days of Christmas to work out how the dispenser… well … dispenses! Meanwhile, whether it’s double sided, hook and loop, clever or clear – Sellotapehas the Yuletide all wrapped up.It’s a gift! Merry Christmas

Stick It To The Man + 3

Sellotape has chosen the traditional 1780 song‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ for its creative backdrop and music setting. Bing Crosby, king crooner of the memorable ‘50s is joined (or stuck together) with The Andrew Sisters, girlie boogie-woogie trioof the same ilk as they peel away the years by remodelling yeolde favourite carol complete with crafty origami techniques.

All Stuck Up This Christmas

From a dozen drummers to a solitary pear tree,Sellotape has Christmas all stuck together as the first of a precision-timed routine appears in the shape of 12 music stands. Pillar box red and formally staged the drummers release their rhythmic prowess as Crosby, crooners and accompanying orchestra prepare for a humorous barrage of pipers and their bedfellows:

    D   DD   G     GG       F#   G     A     B     C      A  B

‘’On the first day of Christ-mas my true love gave to me’’

Accompanying the entourage is a modern pastiche based on the 1909 folk arrangement by English composer Frederic Austin. Eleven bag-pipers all clad in Scottish paper are squeezed as a flurry of high-pitched flutes show the lighter side. Lords a Leaping show their acrobatics as one space hopper jumps down from their gymnastics routine. Nine and eight are shown by dancing high heels shoes and a line spotted milk bottles respectively. Meanwhile the music plays on with the sisters of close harmonies and our male baritone Bing fronting the procession.

All 12 Days In One

Of course all twelve days of Christmas can be played with equal musicality on your electric piano. If you are sticking to your list (and checking it twice) and a digital piano is still there then perhaps a Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano from Chase Direct is the one for you. With its spectrum of sounds from percussion sections for all your ladies to dance to – to bagpipes and birdie tweets – you’ll have all the twelve days covered in one!

Sticking Together With You On-Hand

The seven swans swagger in a line dressed as teapots in a golden jacquard paper followed by 6 eggs of a similar bent. By now the music is more fragmented as Bing and his buddies share the limelight by ‘alternating by numbers!’ The sisters lead on ‘5 Gold Rings’ as an enigmatic bass clarinet descends into the depths of the lower register. ‘4 Colley Birds’ hang from paper cages suspended above a very keen cat, 3 patriotic French Hens dressed in red, white and blue and 2 very-much-in-love turtle doves follow to take the proceedings down to our favourite Christmas tree.

An Ap-peeling Christmas Ad

The partridge is daintily stuck on with the help of the hand-dispenser’s sticky stuff and the picture is complete as Bing and his bows round the music off in perfect harmony. Liberty-styled partridge paper and a final ‘ting’ from the glockenspiel complete the menagerie of 78- all present and correct!

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