Bottle It This Xmas

This Xmas ‘The Perfume Shop’ wants you to feel that warm glow. For their seasonal advertising campaign the discount smelly store has released a variety of promos all based on the same theme of get-up-and-go.To keep you on your toes Tommy Sparks and his pop song of 2009 ‘’She’s Got Me Dancing’’gets you in the mood to dance, fall in love or do what you do best. So with sparks flying and your life smelling sweet it can’t get any better than when you bottle it this Xmas. So while you’re busy earning Perfume Points let’s check out Tommy’s good points… Merry Xmas

Top Dog Music This Xmas

In the latest ‘’Offers For Him’’ Tommy Sparks shows you who’s Boss by dancing with Hugo to his timeless pop citation.  Complete with a hint of disco fever this top dog sound will woo the crowd and get the girls dancing round their handbags. This promo variation boasts a zany synth-pop motif played on digital piano with a quirky pitch bend that soon overspills into a vocal hysteria.

’She’s got me dancin’’ lyrics embed themselves as the focus of the track with additional heys, claps and a buzzing bass-line riff. The zany synth-pop sound continues its unrelenting pattern throughout together with electric lead strums and a heavy back beat.

Always One Step Behind 

Tommy’s sparky little number isn’t just a favourite with the smelly scent brigade – its energetic beat has also proved popular for the promo of console games such as PlayStation 3’s Eyelet, iPOD Touch and Fifi 10 as well as ‘Dancing With The Stars’ celebrity dance tracks. With its simple 2 chord trick in the chorus don’t bottle it – have a go at playing it on your digital piano. The synth pop melody is catchy and uses plenty of pitch-bend:

E A E, B E B, A E A

Heaven Scent

So if you want to feel the sparks fly this Christmas then get ahead with flaming fragrances for him and her at ‘The Perfume Shop’. Life’s better when you bottle it and you never know – you might get a better offer!

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