Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – A Bite Size Version

‘ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ’ comes to our TV screens this Yuletide courtesy of Apple. This year the software company’s ad campaign focuses on Apple’s AirPlay feature fronted by a ‘misunderstood’ teenager who compiles a seasonal message whilst on holiday with his family via a montage of festive fun. His pre-occupation with his bite size gadget is accompanied by the classic track ‘ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ’ as our lads anti-social slant is positively realised in the form of a TV presentation of the family’s holiday.Tidings of comfort and joy abound as the message of happy hols comes shining through complete with an endearing electric piano arrangement that delivers every time.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Continue reading “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – A Bite Size Version”

Stepping Into The Light With Littlewoods

Into The Light ’ this year has replaced 2012’s ‘White Nights’ as the sound track for Littlewoods Christmas campaign. Amid the deep midwinter glow of lights and nights Myleene Klass uses her special Littlewoods touch to spread the load in your pocket and Santa’s sleigh. This Yuletide you’ll find our celebrity in Santa’s grotto dressed as a glamorous picker of Christmas delights from a ‘’Samsung Tab 3’’ for dad to ‘’something fancy’’ for mum. The soundtrack helps to make this Littlewoods promo an advert apart with music ‘’Into The Light’’sung by Arlissa it’s a touching scene at the push of a …finger!      Continue reading “Stepping Into The Light With Littlewoods”

S Wonderful Swinter Solstice

S Wonderful news all round as today we turn the page and welcome the solstice in this first official day of winter. As we look forward to the season of change on this the shortest day of the year it’s good to look back on the journey so far. I heard some SWonderful music early this morning that stopped me in my tracks…S Wonderful the Musical Continue reading “S Wonderful Swinter Solstice”

Google Searches For Love This Christmas

Christmas this year see Google searching for love across the waves. Its seasonal advertising campaign sees a family parted by the sea as mum and kiddies are home alone (plus dog) and dad works on the rigs. Now Screenshot from the google Christmas Adthis is a heart-rending advert for the usual stalwart Google engine- house – so for me – they’ve raised themselves on the platform of expectation this Christmas.  The endearing little promo of a lengthier 1’01’’ sees a family brought together via Google Nexus-7 with the help of the 70s glam rock band Slade and a lulling digital piano ballad. So when it comes to love on the World Wide Web; Google has me all at sea on this one. A ripple of genius from oodles of Google! Continue reading “Google Searches For Love This Christmas”

A Fizzin’ Christmas With Coca-Cola

Christmas with Coca-Cola is filled to the brim with fizz and sparkle this year. Their annual advertising campaign of 2013 leaves behind last year’s bears of the North Pole with their synchronised rugby scrum that has all the finesse of a classical ballet. This year the 30 seconds ‘Believe’ promo continues to shake up the happiness with a retro song passed down from one wise man to a heavenly choir of five angels. This Christmas Santa sends a shooting star with ‘’I Believe In You’’ all the way from Lapland with Coca-Cola’s message in a bottle carrying that extra sparkle and pop!Celebrate Christmas with Coca-Cola Continue reading “A Fizzin’ Christmas With Coca-Cola”

Bottle It This Xmas

This Xmas ‘The Perfume Shop’ wants you to feel that warm glow. For their seasonal advertising campaign the discount smelly store has released a variety of promos all based on the same theme of get-up-and-go.To keep you on your toes Tommy Sparks and his pop song of 2009 ‘’She’s Got Me Dancing’’gets you in the mood to dance, fall in love or do what you do best. So with sparks flying and your life smelling sweet it can’t get any better than when you bottle it this Xmas. So while you’re busy earning Perfume Points let’s check out Tommy’s good points… Merry Xmas Continue reading “Bottle It This Xmas”

Christmas All Wrapped Up

Christmas is all wrapped up and neatly taken care of this year with Sellotape. The sticky tape expert is rolling out the red carpet for its on-hand dispenser that will help you make less of a bundle and more of a bouquet of your Christmas parcels. Complete with 32 seconds of musical carolling complete with enchanting digital piano motifs and a cockeyed partridge somewhere in his pear tree. So it’s a wise man (or 3) who starts his wrapping now as it may take you all of the 12 Days of Christmas to work out how the dispenser… well … dispenses! Meanwhile, whether it’s double sided, hook and loop, clever or clear – Sellotapehas the Yuletide all wrapped up.It’s a gift! Merry Christmas Continue reading “Christmas All Wrapped Up”

Baileys Goes Nuts This Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Baileys and this year’s advertising campaign featured the spirited Irish cream going nuts!The backdrop for its cracking yuletide theme is taken from Tchaikovsky’s Ballet ‘The Nutcracker’ extracted as a suite in 1892. Bailey’s advert, peppered with Shakespearean pathos sets up a ‘boy meets girl’ party scenario within the famous pine forest complete with flawless dance routines and enchanting musical motif from the famous digital piano celeste theme. But this clever take on ‘The Nutcracker’ has a bitter-sweet downside with the Sugar Plum Fairy wishing she’d taken note of Bailey’s Christmas strapline and spent ‘’more time with the girls’’. Baileys at your Christmas

Arrival At The Baileys Christmas Party

Here the Bailey’s storyline fuses Acts I and II together as we see 3 young ladies on the stroke of midnight walking through the snow-clad forest complete with hooting owls in the direction of the party. The great door to ‘Candyland’ is opened and the girls enter a room filled with guests and grandeur. The ‘Land of Sweets’ Act II is cleverly adopted here by Baileys but with the reduction of  4 lifelike dolls to a trio – but hey – whose counting! Continue reading “Baileys Goes Nuts This Christmas”

Sainsbury Has Christmas In The Bag Part III

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without all those little foibles and moments that the season special. Sainsbury has taken all the quirks and quotes from by-gone years of Yuletide jollification and made it into their seasonal ‘Christmas in a Day’ campaign for 2013. This is the third and final part of my blitz on Sainsbury’s take on ‘bagging the best ad’ and I hope it brings tiding of comfort and joy to you all!Christmas at Sainsburys Continue reading “Sainsbury Has Christmas In The Bag Part III”

Puttin’ In the Boots This Christmas

Boots are puttin’ the boot in with a bit of attitude this Christmas. Their one minute seasonal campaign packs a punch as it features a teenager boy at home with the usual limited utterances as he descends the stairs and slams the front door in reply to a request from his dad as to where he’s going – ‘’Out!’’.To add fuel to the fire bovver boy Jimmy Somerville, Scottish pop singer boots up an old 80’s classic ‘Turn Away, Run Away’ reinforcing the adolescent’s bad press as complete with hoody, booty bag and sneaky dealings we assume he’s up to no good. This Christmas Boots cleverly embeds their ‘Let’s Feel Good’ campaign as our wayward youth turns the storyline around embarking on a goodwill spree of present-giving with our faith in human nature peacefully restored. Moral of the story – the boy done good and the music ain’t bad either!Are your boots ready for Christmas Continue reading “Puttin’ In the Boots This Christmas”