Jasmine Ash And Her Sweet Success

Jasmine Ash is a US singer-songwriter and perhaps better known as the quirky voice behind the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Advertising Campaign 2013. Last year the spherical sweetie fell to earth as we ‘’shared the extraordinary’’ and obliged the advert by making every moment golden.  Though I must say – I had to practice a few time to get the hang of it – hoho ho. This year Jasmine Ash enchants us with her ‘’Starlight’’ song from 2011 and once again helps to make our moments golden with her personable message of wrapped in chocolate heaven. So let’s explore the sweet success of Ferrero Rocher this Christmas.Jasmine Ash and her sweet success Continue reading “Jasmine Ash And Her Sweet Success”

Christmas At Iceland – Jingle All The Way

This year’s Christmas at Iceland advertising campaign is packed with the usual party food, fun and celebrity promotions. Christmas 2012 saw Iceland host a Moulin Rouge-type feel to the seasonal glutinous advert complete with showbiz setting, can-can dancers and Jason Donavan sporting his less- than manly stockings and suspenders! This year – no suspenders – just suspense as Michael Bubble takes us on a magical ride on his one horse open sleigh. You’re all invited to how Christmas at Iceland is made up – it’s making and it’s music – so hop on board our sleigh and we’ll jingle all the way. Light Up The Christmas tree Continue reading “Christmas At Iceland – Jingle All The Way”

Praising Tesco This Christmas with Fatboy Slim

Praising Tesco is not so far-fetched when you think of the abundance of nostalgia they packed into their present Christmas advertising campaign. From the 60s to present day five decades of culture, vintage fashion and fun plus four generations of one family were squeezed into a 9 minute commercial.

Now a Christmas advert-ette with the same marketing message has appeared in a 30 second time frame. It zooms into the 90’s with a love’s young dream theme and Fatboy Slim telling us in hymn-like fashion –the way it is – or it should be. Take it away Fatboy Slim…Praise you by fatboy Slim for Digital Piano Continue reading “Praising Tesco This Christmas with Fatboy Slim”

Tesco At Christmas – A Trip Back in Time

Tesco has really pulled all the stops out this Christmas with a lengthier central advert overflowing with nostalgic notions. From the usual 30 seconds to a mammoth 90 seconds their Christmas promo shows retro style over the decades with the cine camera rolling from the 60s to the present day. Complete with family scenes of grandparents, parents and cringing teenagers this slice of history is what makes Christmas. Tesco has chosen wisely with this generous slice of retro and rewind that keeps us guessing through 12 scene changes as years unfold.A great reality check out – ting!Christmas - Forever young Continue reading “Tesco At Christmas – A Trip Back in Time”

It’s The Lidl Things This Christmas

Lidl are packing a punch with their Christmas advert for 2013. It may not be as long and drawn out as the other supermarket giants ads; perhaps lacking in fairy-tale content and soft, furry woodland creatures. But when Christmas is unwrapped – it’s the Lidl things that matter. So if you want to join the party; play the music and sing along to the lyrics then let’s conjure up a Lidl Christmas magic…Christmas at Lidl Continue reading “It’s The Lidl Things This Christmas”

Be Our Guest With This Musical Christmas Menu

Be Our Guest is an all-time favourite Broadway song from the animated film ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Morrisons supermarket has chosen this cabaret-style number as a backdrop to their Christmas Advert 2013 in collaboration with TV celebrities Ant and Dec. Their gastronomic menu is fronted by an endearing gingerbread man who sachets across the dinner table proudly presenting Morrisons foodie take on Christmas. From spicy prawns to a chocolate bombe there’s something to tempt everyone; all wrapped up in a musical delicacy and service with a smile. So if you too want the recipe for success then pull up a piano stool and learn to play this enchanting melody on the digital piano that will delight your guests this Christmas!Be our guest from the Disney Movie the beauty and the beast Continue reading “Be Our Guest With This Musical Christmas Menu”

Goldie Hawn – The Golden Girl of The Silver Screen

Goldie Hawn celebrates her 68th birthday today. Best known as the giggling dumb blonde in many screen successes she is in fact far from being the brainless stereotype her on-screen characters portray. Goldie Hawn has also been nominated for more awards from BAFTA to Academy to Golden Globe than you can shake a stick at. She is a typical Sagittarius; the symbolic archer who is steadfast in her goals whether it’s as an actress, film director or occasional singer bringing pleasure to millions as the endearing funny girl. Continue reading “Goldie Hawn – The Golden Girl of The Silver Screen”

Sir John Tavener – Bearing Testament

Sir John Tavener, a British composer who is best known for his myriad of works of a  traditional and religious nature has died at the age of 69. Heralded as one of the leading music giantsof this century John Tavener’s ‘The Whale’, a cantata of vast proportions encompasses all that is contemporary and new as it shocked the musical air waves of the ‘60s. With itssurreal imagery and modernistic approach you’ll be surprised to hear the pop sounds of The Beatles bobbing up and down.Sir John tavener Playing the Digital Piano Continue reading “Sir John Tavener – Bearing Testament”

Christmas Tails From The Forest Floor

Christmas tails are turning up on many of our TV adverts at present.  The Supermarket Giants are no exception as the 3 ‘biggies’ vie for your custom through tempting fare, celebrity promoters and of course …they all have their own ‘tails’ to tell. So check out the Bear and the Hare, Scotty dog and rodent alike and you’ll see how the use of furry friends makes a Christmas tail more appealing. Read on…Christmas Tails From the Forest Floor Continue reading “Christmas Tails From The Forest Floor”

Kimberley Walsh – A Perfect 10

Kimberley Walsh is a UK singer-song writer who celebrates her 32nd birthday today. As a typical scorpion, she has gone from strength to strength getting her claws stuck into different artistic ventures from musician and actress to all round good egg. From tip to toe she is the face of one commercial success story or another, whether it be Puma AG or Schwarzkopf –Kim is born to shine. She is used to the perfect 10 whether it’s from her role as svelte-like model or dancing on Strictly Kim knows how to own the stage.Kimberley Walsh – A Perfect 10 Continue reading “Kimberley Walsh – A Perfect 10”