Thoroughly Modern Julie

Julie Andrews UK singer and actress may be a dame by name but certainly not by nature. She is one of Britain’s finest whose perfect pitch and manners to boot have her ranked at the top of her game. From humble beginnings to the present day Julie is as active as ever as she celebrates her 78th birthday this month. Having enjoyed a wide-ranging repertoire of performances from the more serious to the silly as both regal Queen Lillian and a lowly step-daughter, Julie has done it all both modern and mundane. So if you think this dame is tame then read on and discover the thoroughly modern Julie.

Julie Andrews
A Modern Twist On The Old Carpet Bagger

Julie Andrews began her singing career on Broadway in 1954 with her role in ’The Boyfriend’ but by 1964 Julie was toslip into something more magical as the high flying ’Mary Poppins’ governess complete with carpet bag, umbrella et al. The innovative scene of her descent from the skies above is soon followed by the unpacking of her carpet bag accompanied by ‘’A Spoonful of Sugar’’. With a click of their fingers Mary and the children soon tidy up with the antidote of a cheery quick paced one-step helping their task along. The rousing song is still a favourite today though its traditional um-cha bass line and brass-led melody is replaced by digital piano arrangements – thoroughly modern of course.

The Sound Of Success For Julie

Similarly ‘The Sound Of Music’, ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ upheld a stream of successes for Julie both at home and abroad as she achieved accolades galore for her parallel leading roles as ‘’The girl does good’’.

A Role Fit For A Queen

Shrek Forever After’ in 2010 saw Julie in a new light. The public image to date was so often of a cool, articulate Ice Queen far removed from her audience. The role of Queen Lillian from a land ‘Far Far Away’ soon saw Julie in a motherly and determined light as her character took on a more endearing persona accepting Shrek her son-in-law ogre into the family.

Queen Lillian can be heard humming ‘’My Favourite Things’’ from the 1965 legendary musical ‘The Sound Of Music’. In its original form this was a complex undertaking as Maria’s shopping list of feel-good favourites is reeled off. Her underlying fear of change and responsibility however remains a constant hallowed as a minor sustain played by the menacing bassoon throughout her cheery façade.

Thoroughly Modern Julie

Today Dame Julie still busies herself with collecting accolades, awards and appears both on stage and on screen. Since ‘Mary Poppins’ sales of umbrellas have gone through the roof but we know as the sailors sang in South Pacific ‘’There is nothing like a dame, nothing in the world’’.Happy Birthday Julie.

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