Postman Pat – When Royal Mail Delivered

Royal Mail is to be privatised in an effort to maximize its business potential. The waning 497 year old postal service apparently needs a new face lift as its present image does not fit with a modern mail conglomerate. Much of the workforce is none too pleased with the state of play and Royal Maile mployees intend to strike. This action apparently includes long serving employee ‘Postman Pat’ who’s homely ways and adoring cat Jess do not fit with the new corporate image – he too will be stamped out. postman pat delivering royal mail Continue reading “Postman Pat – When Royal Mail Delivered”

Gloria Estefan –And I’m A Fan

Gloria Estefan is so much more than the Cuban born American singer songwriter we all know and love.As well as her alluring voice and Latino charisma Estefan’s ventures in book writing and business acumen all add to the multi-talented, entrepreneurial image that has earned her such glorious fame. Earlier this month Estefan celebrated her 56th birthday and decades after her Latino-Pop debut her name still rings out worldwide as Gloria by name and glorious by nature. So what makes this mega-mother and grandmother accumulate such an adoring fan base – an Estefan base?Gloria Estefan Continue reading “Gloria Estefan –And I’m A Fan”

What Ever The Weather

Whether the weather forecasts sunshine or cloud we have to bear as it is now 95% certain that we as humans are responsible for climate change. Our own day-to-day activities in one inconspicuous corner of the globe can when added to the masses change the whole world’s climate resulting in disasters and destruction beyond our control. So whether it’s the melting ice caps, the rage of the tsunami or volcanic eruptions – we can no say ‘‘whatever’’ to the weather.  Meanwhile here are a couple of tracks from the decades that come rain or shine will help to soothe this great British conversation filler.

1970’s – ‘’Ain’t No Sunshine’’

Bill Withers comes bearing his sole in 1971 with this doleful track about absent love. His song revolves around the likening of his girl to the weather with feelings of dullness when she’s away. The intro is minimalistic but Bill’s tender vocal line with an arpeggiated guitar accompaniment lulls us along to verse 2 where harmonised upper strings and lilting digital piano chords lend a sympathetic ear to Bill’s yearnings.Aint no sunshine - the weather song Continue reading “What Ever The Weather”

The Ups And Downs of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey ITV’s costume drama series extraordinaire will once again become the centre of gravity from this Sunday. Our conversations will be built around the long-awaited revisit of season 4 and life both upstairs and down will be viewed by 9 million avid followers. What is it about the British pre-occupation with a costume drama that has the nation gripped? Is it the storyline, setting, characters or maybe the music or the dogs wagging tail that has us transfixed? Either way this is a tale to behold so let’s go through the front door of Downton Abbey and find out…Downton Abbey Cast Continue reading “The Ups And Downs of Downton Abbey”

Plain Sailing

Sailing along seems to come naturally to Sir Ben Ainslie the Captain Pugwash of the boating world. Of all the comebacks in sports historic calendar whether it be football, tennis or golf to name but some miraculous turnarounds – this has to be the eight wonder. Someone’s eye was truly watching over the US Oracle Team as they sailed to the finishing line having conquered their initial 8-1 down. This is a momentous achievement for the sailing world and Sir Ben whose cunning plan had it all mapped out leaving the opposing NZ team walking the proverbial plank. So here’s some maritime music to welcome you aboard me hearties!Sailing with Ben Ainslie Continue reading “Plain Sailing”

Our Knight In Shining Armour

Beverley Knight, UK singer songwriter has donned her armour to play a major role in the hit West End musical ‘The Bodyguard. This coveted casting will see Beverley Knight and Tristan Gemmill perform side-by-side in a show that is borne out of many of the songs in the late Whitney Houston’s repertoire.‘The Bodyguard’ storyline is about Rachel Marron, superstar and her developing relationship with her Secret Service agent now bodyguard. The famous role was originally played by Kevin Costner who is hired to pacify Rachel’s concerns for her safety and it is not long before our knight in shining armour comes to the rescue of his damsel in distress and the rest is all sugar coated.beverly Knight Continue reading “Our Knight In Shining Armour”

Shocking P!nk

P!nk is a US singer songwriter and actress whose stage name complete with exclamation mark is an ode to her innovative style both on and off the stage. Once a member of the girl band Choice this mega star performer chose to split and ‘go it alone’. P!nk has never looked back as her solo career has taken off in every which way from her loud candyfloss hairstyles and fearless ‘out of the box’ performances  – it’s enough to make you blush! P!NK a the red carpet Continue reading “Shocking P!nk”