Classical Music From The Inside Kelly & Jason

In the early hours I watched a programme about James Rhodes, a digital grand piano player of classical music of some repute. He had however climbed to fame more through notoriety of a different kind and was trying his best to shake those demons and be seen as an ambassador for his craft. The programme ‘’Notes From The Inside’’ saw James taking his digital piano skills into a psychiatric hospital with the idea of exposing 4 patients, each with a different mental health diagnosis to a piece of classical music. This was the paradox that James himself found he had to address. Was it a pleasurable experience or a rude awakening?James Rhodes playing classical music Continue reading “Classical Music From The Inside Kelly & Jason”

Alison Krauss – The Lion’s Share Of Success

This week Alison Krauss celebrated her 42nd birthday. She is a Leo of some musical renown who has known the lion’s share of success since a young and tender age. As a leading Bluegrass singer in her pack, Ms Krauss still has plenty to roar about.Alison Krauss Continue reading “Alison Krauss – The Lion’s Share Of Success”

Festival Finale Feast

Just like all good things – our spate of summer festival frenzy must draw to a close. Apart from a handful of music mayhems in October, September marks the UK’s festival finale. From vintage settings to going underground – they beat to the sound of the same drum. Let’s take a look…Maximo Park will play at the Summer Festival 2013 Continue reading “Festival Finale Feast”

More Music Festival Fun

Music festivals are at their peak in August with heightened summer frenzy raging through all who attend. Whether it’s the Zoo Project in Kettering Forest or the Hull Fake Music Festival these upbeat events are sure to bring out the animal in you. The Killers playing live a the Hull Music Festival 2013 Continue reading “More Music Festival Fun”

Having Your Fill Of The Summer Festival Season

As we go headlong into the final throws of July, so the Music Festivals just keep on coming. This weekend see’s anther mega share ‘n’tear of national music mania from the annual traditional  venues like the Maryport Blues Festival; Deerstock Festival in Nottingham, to more varied World Music Festivals and then there’s the strange and bizarre category featuring didgeridoos! Let’s take a look…The Henrik Freischlader Band Playing at the Blues Festival in Maryport Continue reading “Having Your Fill Of The Summer Festival Season”

Getting The Party Started

This weekend is party time in so many ways; the sun is shining, the Royal Baby is due but closer to home – the stream of UK Music Festivals is really kicking off. Right across the country from Suffolk to Cheltenham through to the Midlands and way up in Perth – Music Festivals are breaking out like a musical rash. So let’s follow the dots…The Bloc Party

The Bloc Party

Already the Latitude Festival at Henham Park, Suffolk is well underway with a line-up headed by the Bloc Party. With rumours this could be their last gig for a while – the crowd is keen to see their band perform. This is an Indie Rock Band compiled of the usual line-up of lead vocals and backing, a Fender family of lead, rhythm and bass guitar, digital piano and drum kit. The quartet of Party members is fronted by Kele Okereke, a respectable English Lit. Graduate from Kings College, London and lead vocals and rhythm guitarist.

A Party Under The Influence

The Bloc Party has in its more signatory repertoire taken its influences from bands including The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees with its guitar-heavy presence and traditional sound. However the band is recently showing a shift towards more experimental and refined sound with the use of electronic sounds. Here an eclectic bent towards the brass section and string section on their digital piano is reminiscent of Radiohead and the such-like. Further out of the mould, the Bloc Party has taken an even more sophisticated step up with the addition of choral arrangements and manipulated drum loops. This effort to keep things fresh by reinvention have come a full circle according to members of the band and its followers as they speak of the ‘lost guitar’ likened to an old relic lying at the bottom of the ocean.

 Jumping Through Loops

The Bloc Party has come a long way since their defining moment with ‘’Silent Alarm’’. Its crude single-sounding monotony with prominent use of Fender guitars has been replaced by the more discerning sounds exuding from their album ‘’A Weekend In The City’’. 2009 tracks like the alternative single ‘’One More Chance’’ bring a refreshing change with an upbeat digital piano motif that embeds its loop from the onset and embeds itself throughout. The whirling rhythm is joined by a heavier low registered string sound and the all -pervading signatory Fender guitars with their overlaid Boss effects pedals. As the track drives to its journey’s end the looped idea is reinforced by a more layered idea that compliments the original motif. All together a more sophisticated composition that could take The Bloc Party to a higher musical realm.

So with no more ado why not get down to The Latitude Festival and get this Bloc Party started.

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The Nolan Sisters – No Longer In The Mood

Bernie Nolan lost her long battle with cancer recently. She was one of five Nolan Sisters that formed an Anglo-Irish Pop group popular in the 80’s.

The Nolan Sisters
The Nolan Sisters

The quintet was active as recently as 2009 with their heyday easy-listening repertoire and signatory ballads gathering quite a following. Today the Nolan Sisters have dispersed into varying solo careers though all still in the public eye either through television, acting or music-related ventures. Despite the  Nolan’s separate paths they remain an endearing family unit with talent a plenty. Continue reading “The Nolan Sisters – No Longer In The Mood”

Introducing The Chase Range – Digital Pianos With Teeth

Chase has a monster collection of digital piano with something for everyone whether they’re just starting out to those who know what it’s all about. A myriad of colours from girlie pink to a more masculine high gloss black are twinned with a robust framework and enhancing features that all go into producing a vast range of affordable digital pianos.

Chase CDP-160 Digital Desk Piano with closed Lid
Chase CDP-160 Digital Desk Piano with closed Lid

So come along to Chase and meet these modern dinosaurs – they’re digital pianos with teeth!

The Chase Digital Piano Family

Divided into 3 categories; portable pianos, digital pianos and digital grand pianos, prices start at a realistic cost at the start-up end and ascend within the range to machines for the more discerning performer. Chase models go from portable budget-busting standards at £249.99 to an investable high-end price tag of £2,199.99 for the Digital Grand Piano range. These latter dramatic-looking beasts may take up both floor space and look as if they have roamed the earth for eternity but they could be the key to your success.

The Down-To Earth-Range 

For those players at preliminary level or just starting out the Chase CDP-160 Digital Desk Piano at £249.99 is a worthy of note. Acting as both musical instrument and desk lid, this duel functioning electric piano will be at the top of the list for those where space is a premium.  The fully-weighted keys combined with an authentic acoustic piano sound will be enough to convince you that this is a good buy – and that’s without the added extras…

Digital Pianos With Teeth

The well-priced Chase CDP-423 Digital Piano at £649.99 to top of the mid-range at £999.99 has sounds and styles that will suit the player who is ready to start adding extra musical dimensions to their performance. With all the features of the standard models but more – this could be the digital piano for you. The 4-track recorder alone will give hours of fun for those want to compose and record their creative efforts. ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is only a stone’s throw away!

Digital Grand Pianos – The Chase Giants

Chase CDP-526 Digital Baby Grand Piano
Chase CDP-526 Digital Baby Grand Piano

The name ‘Grand’ may suggest a 3-legged monster but these top of the range models are sub-headed ‘baby’ digitals as their size is rendered down from concert sized proportions and is still accommodating in most modern homes today. Starting with the Chase CD-529 Digital Baby Grand Piano at £1,699.99 and progressing to the most respected CDP-729 baby of the family – playtime is nothing but fun. This is a whole new learning experience that is truly deserved by those that have worked their way up to this Rolls-Royce status. Encased in a luxurious high-spec finish the Digital Baby Grand Pianos cater for finger-tip dexterity; pedal control; a true piano sound and an abundance of dashboard features both performance and composition–based that will keep you amused and entertained for hours. This baby rocks!

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Many of the Chase digital piano range come complete with ‘X’ or ‘L’ add-ons. These ‘XL’ bumper packs are certainly worth a second look as they contain all the additional requirements when setting up your newly acquired Chase digital piano. Complete with piano stool, stand, pedal, power pack and more are a real boon and free delivery makes this is a most generous offer that is worth biting their hand off for.

The Chase Digital Piano Range In Summary

Chase CDP-423 Digital Piano
Chase CDP-423 Digital Piano


There is so much more to the Digital Piano range at Chase. From standard to Grand, these modern dinosaurs are full of charm and character and may be key to your musical future.

So go on – try out a Chase Digital Piano today – they’re  distinct – not extinct

The Key To Choosing The Right Digital Piano

When it comes to choosing between a Casio or Yamaha the right digital piano for the job is key. Whether you’re thinking of purchasing the junior model of either range of the grandioso flagship of the keyboard fleet; know your model –> fix your budget –> and stick to it!Casio Px 350 Digital Piano

Keeping Your Feet On The Ground

Deciding what the key purpose of your digital piano would be. Is it fit for purpose? Does it tick all your musical boxes? If it’s for preliminary music grades, exploring compositional creativity or ‘just for fun’ then look at Casio and Yamaha’s junior ranges.

No Frills With Casio & Yamaha Basics

The Yamaha Arius YDP 142, Casio Privia PX 150 and the Casio Celviano AP-250 will all fit the bill in that they are equipped with the basics and may be key to your requirements. They all have the full range requisite of 88 keys so you can play a range of compositions with a wide register. They all have their unique scientific label that promotes their own model and is designed to confuse and overwhelm from Yamaha’s ‘Graded Hammer Action’ to Casio’s ‘Multi-dimensional Morping AiR Sound Source’. But that aside – the biggest question is – ‘‘Can you feel it?’’.

Middle Range Models

Casio Celviano AP 250 Digital PianoYamaha will offer you their Arius YDP 181 where Casio will recommend their Privia PX-350 or AP-450. Having read the bumf; done your research – it’s time to sit at the digital piano and test drive it. You are listening for a true, authentic acoustic sound sit upright on the piano stool, lay your hands on the keys and play…

These models will have all the additional features designed to baffle and seduce you including colour and finish (black gloss usually does it for ladies), simulated keys, 2-Track Recorders and of course the pedals.  If you are going to aspire to higher things then pedalling will be key; as an integral part of your art. Here the weightiness of the keys combined with the action of the pedals is of ultimate importance.

Dash Board Danger

All the flagships of the fleet will have a dash board of functions to woo and entice. The external finish will hold you in its grip while your mind jiggles with dimensions in feet and inches… will it fit in the chimney breast or the spare room? High-end switches, levers knobs and buttons all cry out to be touched, pressed and played with. There are gadgets galore on both the Yamaha YDP 162PE, Casio Privia 850 and Casio AP-650 which will all will cater for your creative needs and enhance your musical input.

Making Your Mind Up is the Key

At the end of the day, it’s back to you. Do you choose the mini or the Rolls Royce? Having been equipped with all the facts and tried out all the Yamaha and Casio digital pianos in the store; your decision is key.

Still not sure which digital piano is the best for you? Have a look at this website: . The most comprehensive digital buyers guide on the web.

Digital Piano Comparison Guide – Portable Pianos

A Simple Comparison Guide of the Most Popular Digital pianos on the market. Uks Best Deals Currently Available from Chase Direct on

Its cheaper at Chase Yamaha NP-31 Casio CDP-120 Yamaha P-35 Chase P-45 Chase P-55 Yamaha P-95
Number of Keys 76 88 88 88 88 88
Weighetd Hammer Action no tick1 tick1 tick1 tick1 tick1
Number of Sounds 10 5 10 8 10 10
Maximum Polyphony 32 48 32 64 64 128
Touch Levels On/Off 4 4 4 4 4
Dual/Multi Layer Voice tick1 tick1 tick1 tick1 tick1 tick1
Split Voice L/R Hand no no tick1 no tick1 tick1
Recording Function no no no no 2 Tracks 2 Track
Digital Effects tick1 tick1 tick1 tick1 tick1 tick1
Headphone Output 1 1 1 2 2 2
USB Midi Interface no no no tick1 tick1 tick1
USB Media Player & Recorder no no no tick1 tick1 no
Microphone Input no no no tick1 tick1 no
Separate Stereo Output no no no tick1 tick1 tick1
Width 1244mm
(52 1/4″)
(54 5/8″)
(54 5/8″)
(54 1/4″)
Depth 256mm
(10 1/4″)
(11 1/4″)
(11 5/8″)
(13 5/8″)
(13 5/8″)
(11 5/8″)
Optional 3 Pedal Board Unit no no no tick1 tick1 tick1
RRP £291 £449 £411 £529 £599 £639
Chase Price £249 £319 £349 £279 £499 £499