Womack – The Ever-Changing Name

Womack & Womack may sound to some like a litigation company but they were in fact an Afro-American family of legendary musicians active between the ‘50s and 2006. Cecil, one of the Womack brothers died earlier this year and a dynasty of music came to an end.Womack & Womack Continue reading “Womack – The Ever-Changing Name”

George Benson – Just Breezin’ On Through

George Benson is an American singer-songwriter best known for his contribution to jazz. He is an iconic guitarist that accompanies a smooth velvety voice and makes easy-listening roll over. This week he was a special guest on Radio Four’s ‘Saturday Live’ where Georgie told of his Inheritance Tracks and those artists that have influenced his musical life and outlook.george benson with guitar Continue reading “George Benson – Just Breezin’ On Through”

Bob Hits The Seaside

Later this year the honorary Bob Dylan will honour us with his stage presence at nine different venues including the seaside town of Blackpool, Glasgow and London. The legendary US singer-songwriter is said to have a ‘sell-out’ response to his pending UK tour as folk fanatics hit the box office.bob dylan Continue reading “Bob Hits The Seaside”

The Saxiest Thing That Is Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker was an American jazz saxophonist of the highest standing way back in the ‘50s. Today ‘’Yardbird’’ is still a great role model for would-be musical ‘top cats’ where he is cited for his technical dexterity and innovative style.Charlie Parker and his Saxphone Continue reading “The Saxiest Thing That Is Charlie Parker”

Round Midnight – And All That Jazz

Round Midnight is about the time I’ll drift off to sleep listening to all that jazz. However it would seem that you don’t have to stay awake in the early hours to wait for such music to be on tap. Round Midnight the newly-released album beholds a Pandora’s Box of legendary jazz sounds that can beat ‘counting sheep’ any hour of the day.round midnight cover Continue reading “Round Midnight – And All That Jazz”

The Note Worthy Spike Edney

Spike Edney is an English musician of note. He plays the digital piano with all the dexterity and grace of a dancer tiptoeing on the keys and can be seen as part of the onstage line up with many high profile bands. Hi is a marvel unveiled and is endearingly known as ‘’The Wizard’’.

The Fifth Member Of Queen

Many writers have cited Spike Edney as an integral part of the rock band Queen. Freddie Mercury was always the player ‘out front’; sat at his piano stool accompanying his own vocal line but when Freddie died Edney took over as lead keys player. Backing vocals, rhythm guitar can also be added to his musical CV, the former two being most regular when playing and touring with Queen.

Before Queen Was On The Throne

Edney began his musical career with similar mighty giants in the mid 70s’ He toured with Ben E. King where he also played trombone. ‘’Stand By Me’’ was a top hit for King with its interesting pizzicato bass, wash board and triangle on the fourth beat. This trio forms the basis for the entire track with the second chorus adding a counter-melody on synth strings. Kings expressive lyrics ‘’Stand By Me’’ have lead this soulful song to be a favourite the world over.Spike Edney Continue reading “The Note Worthy Spike Edney”

Queen Plus Rodgers

Last night I watched Paul Rodgers pequeen-rockband-431rforming in collaboration with the two remaining members of the iconic rock band Queen. The concert was part of the ‘Return Of The Champions Tour’ in which Rodgers categorically stated that he was not there to replace Freddie Mercury but to ‘’feature’’ with the band. Continue reading “Queen Plus Rodgers”

A Salute To Nelson Mandela

Hear the name Nelson and immediately you think of Admiral Lord. A seafaring hero whose victorious escapades against the French are cited as ‘heroic’ and as the song goes ‘’He joined the navy – to see the sea’’ etc. Nelson Mandela Continue reading “A Salute To Nelson Mandela”

The Two Prince s – Both Born To Rule

This week Prince Philip has stirred the hearts of his subjects with his underlying health issues.prince-philip-Duke-of-Edinburgh-_1521777a

At a sprightly 92 the Prince will celebrate his birthday this month. Meanwhile he continues to serve the Kingdom with his cheery if not outspoken disposition and all the vigour of a ‘Student Prince’

Continue reading “The Two Prince s – Both Born To Rule”

Sinatra – To Be Frank

Though Frank Sinatra remains a musical legend – it has long been frowned upon that he had connections with the Mafia. After all – hanging around with wise guys like The Sopranos can give a fellow a bad name – even if it does sound musical – know what I mean?Frank-Sinatra In his Young days Continue reading “Sinatra – To Be Frank”