Gatsby ’s Grave Expectations

This is my final rendition lauding the greatness of Gatsby; his life and his grave expectations.  There are 3 remaining tracks that search the soul in this plentiful Gatsby world of ‘’Can’t Buy Me Love’’. Continue reading “Gatsby ’s Grave Expectations”

Bryan Ferry – From Roxy To Jazzy

Bryan Ferry ’s claim to fame was originally in the ‘70s with his band Roxy Music. He has always been an advocate of Glam Rock and fronted the group as lead singer as well as writing their material and playing guitar and digital piano. Bryan Ferry’s solo career was to be a different ball game…Bryan Ferry Continue reading “Bryan Ferry – From Roxy To Jazzy”

Stripping Back The Gatsby Layers – Part IV

There are many sides to the Gatsby character. He is complex and enigmatic figure with several layers to his character that slowly peel back to reveal his real identity. From repeated riffs to simplistic motifs we learn a little more about the man who can…and does. Continue reading “Stripping Back The Gatsby Layers – Part IV”

Back To The Future For The Great Gatsby – Part III

As we sink deeper under the spell of the Gatsby so the sounds of the great and the good are brought out of their closet, dusted off and paraded up the 1920’s catwalk. As Lana Del Ray has had her cake – so what other ingredients go into this recipe heading for disaster?

Beyonce Live
Beyonce Live


Continue reading “Back To The Future For The Great Gatsby – Part III”

Jay-Z – Where Hip Hop & Jazz Collide – Part 1

The 1920’s period drama ‘The Great Gatsby’ was released on 17th May. This F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation about the life and its excesses beholds a star-studded cast of great expectations. Jay-Z & ‘The Bullitts’ main man Jaymes Samuel have raised their game and collaborated to produce many of the music sound tracks. Jay-Z Continue reading “Jay-Z – Where Hip Hop & Jazz Collide – Part 1”

Creamed In The Great British Baker Off

Photo of Ginger BakerGinger Baker, drummer extraordinaire will be remembered by most for his possessed on-stage performances and similarly wild personal life. Although the hard rock ensemble was complete with a line-up of vocals, lead and bass guitar, this Baker boy wooed the crowd single-handed – literally! So does this Baker boy’s life now beat to a different drum?

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Holding Out For Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler, Welsh born singer and rock guru, was our hero this weekend as she represented the UK in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. So where’s this female version of Rod Stewart been since the ‘80s? Let’s find out…Bonnie Tyler Live Continue reading “Holding Out For Bonnie Tyler”

I Spy With My Little Eye – Neil Brand

This week Neil Brand, acclaimed UK film composer and digital piano player extraordinaire got to play the ‘goody’. He revealed the duplicity upheld in decades of espionage and cold war as revealed through spy film music. So who is Neil’s favourite brand?…Neil Brand On the Piano Continue reading “I Spy With My Little Eye – Neil Brand”

Yoko At 80 Years Young

Yoko Ono says that being a Beatles wife is more difficult than being married to a politician as it ‘’never ends’’. Earlier this year she hit the ground running at 80, still a skimpy little thing and very much ‘out there’ with her art, feminist causes and of course her music. Just imagine…Yoko Ono and her Son Continue reading “Yoko At 80 Years Young”