Idina Menzel @ The Olivier Awards

This weekend Idina Menzel will perform live on stage at the annual Olivier Awards 2013. It is a prestigious event housed at the Royal Opera House where hopeful nominees will gather for their prospective awards as well as those performing live as part of the evening’s entertain. Idina Manzel, American actress and singer song-writer who came to stardom for her role in Broadway Musical ‘Rent’ and the TV show ‘Glee’ will be part of a line-up performing music from the shows complete with Concert Orchestra.Actress Idina Menzel of <Wicked>

Show Us What You’ve Got

Idina Menzel was featured on Sky News during a weekday morning to promote her forthcoming appearance. A clip showed her singing ‘The Life Of the Party’. Accompanied by a full concert orchestra the introduction began with a sleek low jazz-style motif on digital piano and clarinet. The closed ‘tick’ of the hi-hats on the drum kit offer an off-beat to keep the energy flowing and embeds the genre. The track continues in the same vein as the keyboard and reed parallel the playful vocal line ‘’Who Needs Money’’ etc with its repeated structure. As the song develops it becomes more complex with its ‘stop-start’ rhythms from the band and effortless chromatics as Idina Menzel climbs the scalic ladder to a raucous close.

The Worst Witch In Action

Idina Menzel is known for her wide vocal range and powerful ‘belting’ projection. At the Olivier Awards she plans to sing both individually and ensemble settings songs from musicals such as ‘A Chorus Line’ and ‘Top Hat’. However Idina Menzel made a splash with audiences during her role as the witch in the musical ‘Wicked’. In the solo scene ‘No Good Deed’ she can be seen frantically searching through her spell book for a nasty potion. The accompaniment is a cacophony of sound as strings scurry through their semi-quaver runs, flutes dominate the upper register with their screeching flurries and brass and electric piano darken the atmosphere with punctuated dissonance. Altogether a scene of mayhem as the witch does her worst.

Idina Menzel – Just ‘Follow The Yellow Brick Road’

Idina Menzel is the ‘New kid on the block’. She brings energy and youth to the profession and is great ambassador for promoting on-stage musicals to the next generation. She takes her roles seriously and whether it’s playing Shelby in ‘Glee’ or the witch in ‘Wicked’… all she has to do is click her heels. Meanwhile, she’s living the dream.

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