Eddie Cochran – Rockability On The Digital Piano

This month we celebrate the death of an iconic Rock ‘n’ Roller; Eddie Cochran. Though his image was smartly clad he came to represent the youth of the ’50 & 60’s with his sulky attitude and suave good looks.

Eddie Cochran was foremost a vocalist and guitar player but he also played digital piano, bass and drum kit. Cochran was known to have a low bass voice which would become his trademark along with the dexterity he used to play his guitar. Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran – Trademark Tunes On The Digital Piano

Eddie Cochran is well known for his rockability repertoire with tracks such as ‘Summertime Blues’ and ‘C’mon Everybody’. The former of the two songs can be found today in many a musicians repertoire whether it be written for guitar or digital piano. The melody (as such) is based on chords I, IV & V and its simple, repetitive nature is the backbone of this song.  

‘C’mon Everybody’

This song escalated to the top of the UK charts in 1959. It was also to be used by Levi Strauss in the advertising of their jeans in 1988. As with Summertime Blues it follows a similar pattern with a limited melodic line and a I, IV, V chord pattern played in whatever key suits:

E / / /          A / / /               B /      A/           E/ / /

‘Somethin’ Else’

This song was apparently written on the back of a match box. The instrumental line-up is similar to all Eddie Cochran’s ensemble tracks in the rock genre with vocals, guitar, electric bass over-dub, digital piano and drum kit. With the signatory limited melody and the 12-bar blues as its musical framework this song sparks memories of ‘Great Balls of Fire’. Nonetheless the track stops and starts with interjections of the spoken word and the kit keeping a rather crude and ‘rattling’ rock beat with guitar and digital piano answering the phrase.

Eddie Cochran died in April in 1960 aged 21 years. His death was an untimely tragedy just as he was putting his musical stamp on the world. But the Rock ‘n’ Roll legacy lives on of which Eddie Cochran will be remembered as a major influence. RIP.


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