I Am – Beyonce is on UK Tour in 2013

I wonder- was it Shakespeare’s Iago character in Othello that gave Beyonce the title of her pending UK tour. His constant referral to the words ‘’I am not what I am’’ gave the impression that his motives were not entirely with merit and this was founded. On the other hand we have Beyonce – a global superstar about to return with headlines that suggest ‘’As it says on the tin!’’ Let’s see…. Continue reading “I Am – Beyonce is on UK Tour in 2013”

Idina Menzel @ The Olivier Awards

This weekend Idina Menzel will perform live on stage at the annual Olivier Awards 2013. It is a prestigious event housed at the Royal Opera House where hopeful nominees will gather for their prospective awards as well as those performing live as part of the evening’s entertain. Idina Manzel, American actress and singer song-writer who came to stardom for her role in Broadway Musical ‘Rent’ and the TV show ‘Glee’ will be part of a line-up performing music from the shows complete with Concert Orchestra.Actress Idina Menzel of <Wicked> Continue reading “Idina Menzel @ The Olivier Awards”

The Love Unlimited Orchestra

Barry White, founder of the Love unlimited orchestra

The Love Unlimited Orchestra was the brain-child of Barry White, American Soul singer extraordinaire. The line-up was of a 40-piece ensemble that heavily leant towards the string department. However its exploration of certain signature genres including pop, disco and soul meant the music had to be scored for more contemporary sounds such as wah-wah guitar, digital piano and drum kit.

Continue reading “The Love Unlimited Orchestra”

The Legendary Willie Nelson

At the end of this month Willie Nelson, legendary American country singer-songwriter celebrates his 80th birthday. He can still be seen along with ‘The Family’ – made up of long-standing members of his ensemble touring North America in his bio-diesel bus, Honeysuckle Rose IV.Willie Nelson - Songwriter and Performer Continue reading “The Legendary Willie Nelson”

Jazzing It Up With Pope Puente

Tito Puente would have celebrated his 90th birthday earlier this month. He was until 2000 a living legend in the world of Latino music; hailed as ‘’The Musical Pope’’ for his energy and innovation in bringing Afro-Cuban and Caribbean sounds to the masses. Continue reading “Jazzing It Up With Pope Puente”

No Bull – It’s Barbra Streisand

When it comes to top-selling records this lady comes first on the list. Academy’s, Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Oscars – you name it – she’s won it. And that’s no bull! Born in April 1942 Barbra Streisand sits squarely in the bullring as a Taurus with her feisty, often ‘bullish’ independence. Renowned as a powerful ‘belter’ Streisands romantic ballads have reached the hearts of millions world-wide and have been published mainly for digital piano with vocals. barbra streisand likes the digital piano Continue reading “No Bull – It’s Barbra Streisand”

Surround Sound – Music or Noise

There is a 30-part programme ‘Noise – A Human History’ on BBC Radio 4 at present that is exploring noise and how we absorb it into our lives on a daily basis. Whether listening to the sounds of cave-dwellers, the massacre of scratting cats or the background humming on the busy street these are all sounds that we accommodate as part of our human condition.

But when does it stop becoming a noise and become music? How do we measure the difference between noise and music – that ‘acceptable’ sound that can be recognised as a worthy melody played on the digital piano, or sung, or tapped as a rhythm or beat – or all of the above – or not. Continue reading “Surround Sound – Music or Noise”

Wren Will We Meet Again?

Sir christopher wrenI wonder if Sir Christopher Wren had looked into his crystal ball would he have seen how wondrous a task he was undertaking when he designed St Pauls Cathedral? From its design and conception in the 1600’s to the present day St Pauls has grown into an iconic landmark that serves the community and brings history to life.

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Eddie Cochran – Rockability On The Digital Piano

This month we celebrate the death of an iconic Rock ‘n’ Roller; Eddie Cochran. Though his image was smartly clad he came to represent the youth of the ’50 & 60’s with his sulky attitude and suave good looks.

Eddie Cochran was foremost a vocalist and guitar player but he also played digital piano, bass and drum kit. Cochran was known to have a low bass voice which would become his trademark along with the dexterity he used to play his guitar. Eddie Cochran Continue reading “Eddie Cochran – Rockability On The Digital Piano”

Marvin Gaye – Reigning Down On His Digital Piano

Dubbed as the ‘Prince of Motown’, Marvin Gaye was a celebrated singer-songwriter. He fronted the growth of soul during the ‘60’s to ‘80’s with his add-on vocal ‘growl’ and selling to a mass audience. As well as his signature vocal range Marvin Gaye also played digital piano and percussion.Marvin Gaye enjoys the digital piano Continue reading “Marvin Gaye – Reigning Down On His Digital Piano”