For One Knight Only On The Digital Piano

Eric Clapton, OBE celebrats his birthday at the end of March. He certainly can play the digital piano but this Easter chick is legendary in his field and regarded as one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time.Play Eric Clapton's song on your digital piano

Rock Solid

As a singer song-writer Eric Clapton spreads himself wide when it comes to the genres he employs from soft hard – all its rock solid. As well as the guitar Eric Clapton plays the digital piano and mandolin but most know him first and foremost as a guitarist.

The Cream Of The Crop

Mr Clapton isn’t just a one-trick pony. He is known world-wide both as a soloist and as a team performer in bands that spanned the ‘60’s such as ‘Cream’ and ‘The Yardbirds’.

Layla @ The Crossroads On The Digital Piano

There are two famous tracks that top the Eric Clapton discography charts. The first is Layla as performed when with ‘Derek And The Dominoes’. The lengthy introduction to this track is one of the most recognised in any musician’s repertoire. The whining semiquaver guitar motif is repeated several times and is easily transcribed for the digital piano:  A C D F D C D

This is followed by the imploring vocal line:

‘’What do you do when you get lone-ly, no-bod-y wait-ing by your side’’ etc

     C#    C# C#   C#  B        G#    F# G#   B,  C# C#    C# B       G    F#  E       F#

The second is the inspirational song ‘Crossroads’ when with ‘Cream’. This track, originally written by Robert Johnson as a Blues piece in 1936 has a hidden message about which there are several poignant versions. One such version tells of a black man who lost his way on the road and needs to get home in fear for his safety. Another speaks of the long road ahead and at the crossroads decisions will have to be made. Either way, Clapton took up the gauntlet with a rock version with a blues base. This arrangement uses the typical chord I, IV, V progression. It is heavily guitar and kit- based but can be easily be improvised for digital piano and a florid middle-eight could be inserted to alleviate the ‘samey’ string sound.

                       A7                                                     D7

‘’I went to down to the cross-roads, fell down on my knees’’ etc


Say Good Knight To Sir Eric Clapton

Already in 2013 Clapton has recorded a new album ‘Old Sock’. He is ever-ready to perform in public and appeals as much to the masses today as he did back in the ‘60s. Clap on for the legendary Sir Eric Clapton.


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