Yamaha Arius YDP-142 and YDP-162 – Meet The New Keys On The Block

Say hello to the new members to the Yamaha Digital Piano gang namely Yamaha Arius YDP 142 and Yamaha Arius YDP162. These are two great additions to the existing range of home digital pianos just waiting to be at the forefront of music-making. Why not sound out these leaders of the pack:

The Yamaha Arius YDP-142 features a Graded Standard Hammer (GSH) action within its 88-key digital piano range. From a weightier feel in the lower register to more delicate responses in the high register – this hammer action will please both performers who take their playing seriously to beginners taking their first music steps.Yamaha Arius YDP-142 Digital Piano Continue reading “Yamaha Arius YDP-142 and YDP-162 – Meet The New Keys On The Block”

Putting Price Tag On Your Digital Piano

Jesse J has the London look- born and bred. This week marks her 25 birthday and as a rooted singer-songwriter she is yet another Easter chick celebrating her success. Her fan- base adores her every move doting on her look whether it’s with a head full of hair or shaved. Teenagers see Jesse as a role model as they tattoo her lyrics on their bodies and perform her tracks on the digital piano. That’s commitment for you!Play Jesse J's songs on your digital piano Continue reading “Putting Price Tag On Your Digital Piano”

A Songbird On The Digital Piano

Another spring chick to celebrate her birthday at the end of this month is Mariah Carey. She is an American singer-songwriter who is cited for her powerful, wide-ranging ‘’songbird’’ voice. She has many strings to her bow including playing the digital piano.Play Mariah Carey Songs on your digital piano

Mariah Carey has had various chart-topping hits throughout the ‘90s and these have sustained her throughout her performing career. Continue reading “A Songbird On The Digital Piano”

Sounds Like Liza Minnelli On The Digital Piano

Liza Mannelli is a famous American actress and singer in her own right. During the month of March this spring chick celebrates her 67th birthday. Famous for a repertoire of sounds accompanied with large orchestral backing forces or more simplistically by a lonesome digital piano. Either way Mannelli moves me.

Yet even as I write it is difficult to separate Liza from her parentage – specifically her mother of equal if not surpassed talent, the legendary Judy Garland. It has taken many years for Liza to be seen in her own right without the resounding success of her mother resonating in her ear.Play Liza Mineli on your digital piano Continue reading “Sounds Like Liza Minnelli On The Digital Piano”

For One Knight Only On The Digital Piano

Eric Clapton, OBE celebrats his birthday at the end of March. He certainly can play the digital piano but this Easter chick is legendary in his field and regarded as one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time.Play Eric Clapton's song on your digital piano

Rock Solid

As a singer song-writer Eric Clapton spreads himself wide when it comes to the genres he employs from soft hard – all its rock solid. As well as the guitar Eric Clapton plays the digital piano and mandolin but most know him first and foremost as a guitarist. Continue reading “For One Knight Only On The Digital Piano”

Sounds Like Norah Jones On The Digital Piano

Norah Jones is born of mixed race to the recently deceased Indian Sitar player Pandit Ravi Shankar and her American mother concert producer Sue Jones. Although her talents are many, Jones is known foremost as a singer-songwriter, digital piano player and actress.Play Norah Jones on your digital piano

Musical Roots

Norah Jones was born with her first Geethali reflecting her father’s Hindu roots though she reverted to her middle names as part of her stage act. She launched her solo career in 2002 with a musical repertoire covering the genres of jazz, folk and country and strains of pop-rock. Like her string-based father before her she also plays a guitar and saxophone. Continue reading “Sounds Like Norah Jones On The Digital Piano”

There’s A Message In Her Music On The Digital Piano

Play Tracy Chapman onyour digital pianoTracey Chapman is an American singer song-writer who can also play a multitude of instruments including guitar, digital piano and an array of keyboards, harmonica, clarinet and percussion. Her roots are black-music based and reflected in the genres of folk, blues-rock, pop and soul. Continue reading “There’s A Message In Her Music On The Digital Piano”

You’ve Got A Friend On The Digital Piano

James Taylor may not be known as a singer song-writer or guitarist when his name is uttered in teenage music circles of today. But if you say ‘’You’ve Got A Friend’’ – everyone suddenly cries out ‘’Woody …Toy Story’’! This is a song so familiar to all ages and a charming melody that’s been transcribed for all instruments from digital piano to woodwind and back to its original scoring for acoustic guitar. Continue reading “You’ve Got A Friend On The Digital Piano”

Let’s Show Some Respect For The Digital Piano

As we continue on our spate of celebrating musicians’ birthdays, I would like to honour an American singer, song-writer and digital piano player who has donned the stage for what seems like a life time; Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Aretha Franklin. Continue reading “Let’s Show Some Respect For The Digital Piano”

Justin Case You Wanted To Play The Digital Piano

March is a month full of the birthdays of famous music celebrities.  Justin Bieber just makes it in on 1st March. Talking of just making it in… perhaps making it into the UK’s fans good books needs little more address and maturity. A few temperatures and eyebrows were raised recently with his chaotic tour of the UK so I thought I’d see what all the fuss is about. Justin Bieber was born of Canadian parentage. He is a self-taught musician with no formal academic training on the digital piano, guitar, drum kit or trumpet. He put himself ‘out there’ on YouTube after coming second in a local singing competition. It was his mother’s persistence in uploading her son’s R&B songs onto the world forum that resulted in such interest in Bieber’s internet site.

Timed Out

One cancelled concert, collapsing on stage and a bust up with the media press don’t do much to promote Justin Bieber’s artistic profile right now. Yet his fan base seems more forgiving than his grandparents who ardently suggest he should perform for free at one concert to compensate for his shenanigans.

Playing Safe With His Debut Track

In 2009 Bieber’s first single ‘’One Time’’ was released. This debut song follows the usual medium held-back tempo characteristic of R&B. The instrumental line-up gives prominence to the syncopated drum beat with a staccato synth string voice playing in a pizzicato-style on the digital piano. The vocal range is limited in the verses with a semi-spoken style coming through from Bieber. As we fall into the chorus ‘’Your world is my world, Your fight is my fight’’ etc a greater sense of key unfolds in C# minor as Bieber jumps between E and B’ to establish a melody.

’Never Say Never’’ On The Digital Piano

So did you think this was a one trick pony? Well, ‘’Never Say Never’’ adds a little more musicality to this dolly’s mixture. The chord progression of Am C G and D binds the track together on the guitar and synth string voice supplies once again by the digital piano. The motivic D C B C A is the basis for the melody ‘’Ne-ver say ne-ver’’ and title of the same name which intertwines around step-wise notation from the verses.  It isn’t earth-shatteringly complex but gimmicky all the same.Play Justin Bieber Songs On Your Digital Piano

Tidying Up His UK Act

So with his cute hoody image, immaculate ‘justin’ place hair-cut and Twitter-mania at overload – Bieber looks good to rule the planet.

But just like any musician – he needs to keep an eye on the time!