Sealing February On The Digital Piano

Today is the last day of February so thought I’d finalise my digital piano explorations for the month with the musician Seal.

Sealed With A Kiss

Now at his peak of his music career British born Seal is 50 years old in 2013. A respected singer-songwriter who has a wide vocal ranged and rasping soul voice, a dignified pose and ‘lived in’ face, he also plays guitar and bass. Seal originally qualified as an Architect, singing in his leisure time in local clubs and bars on the London circuit.

’Best’’, ‘’Better’’ & ‘’Bestest’’ Of British!Play Seal on the digital piano

Seal was exposed to the public for the first time on the Adamski album ‘’Killer’’ in 1990. This was followed hot on the heels of his success at the 1992 Brit Awards where he stole the show winning 3 major categories.

Sealing His Success On The Digital Piano

One track that has contributed to Seal’s success includes ‘Secret’. The melody though not strictly played in unison with the voice in any instrumental part is countered on the digital piano and ‘cello as follows:

‘’You must know me, I’m one of your se-crets,                I   be-long to you’’ etc

   C#   E        C#       E,    C# E     C#  F#   E     A,                       C# B   A      F# B

Similarly ‘’Kiss From A Rose’’ written as a soundtrack to the ‘’Batman Forever’’ film is written in a rock pop style. The introduction poses an interesting start with a ¾ Baroque feel featuring the oboe and male voices harmonising an um pah pah melody. A rit. maintains the waltz pulse and takes the music into a contemporary ballad which changes chord every bar. The melody can be emulated on the digital piano and still keeps the Robin Hood aura:

Ba-by,    If      I  com-pare you to  a     kiss from  a   rose on the grey, etc

B   G#,    Eb   F# Eb     F#     Eb   F# Eb  G#     F#    Eb  C#    B   Bb   Ab

Sealing His Future & Fate

Seal continue to perform to this day. He is an active musician but also involves himself in activities that detract from his well-publicised personal life e.g. raising money for charity and appearing on the reality TV screen. Ah well – it looks like this musician’s fate is sealed – his best can only get better!                                                                                                    Jr

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