Nine Ladies Dancing On Your Digital Piano

Imagine that – nine ladies dancing on your digital piano! I hope you enjoyed celebrating New Year and ‘Auld Lang Syne’ rang out on the stroke of midnight.  The reference to Nine Ladies dancing is an integral part of our ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’ song and today is it!

Making Your New Year Resolutions

The nine ladies dancing refers to the fruit of the Holy Spirit of which No. 4 patience, and No.9 self-control. Both these skills will be called upon in the New Year as you undergo your daily practice routine on your digital piano. Point is – can you keep them?Nine Ladies Dancing On Your Digital Piano

New Year’s Day 2013

There are many traditions and customs to be carried out particularly in Scotland. Here it is customary to go ‘first footing’. This is the first person to enter a house on January 1st. There are many traditions and superstitions associated with first footing. A male first-footer brings good luck, but a female bad luck. In different areas there are different traditions about the hair colour of the first footer. As with the 3 Wise Men should the first footer bring coal or salt and what food or drink they should be served once over the threshold.

Have Your Cake And Eat It

There are activities a plenty to get involved in on New Year’s Day. There are concerts, parades, Fireball ceremonies, firework displays, street drumming, New Year breakfasts’ special dinners and of course Dundee cake would be baked as this day is also known as ‘Cake Day’.

Haste Ye Back’ On Your Digital Piano

Every New Year’s Eve in the 50’s and 60s Andy Stewart used to present a programme from ‘The White Heather Club’.  During the show he would play and sing the music from the Loch Tay Boat Song; ‘Haste Ye Back’. You can select an accordion voice setting on your digital piano and sing along as follows:

Haste ye back, we loue you dearly,             Call again you’re welcome here.

May your days be free from sorrow,           And your friends be ever near’.

(D E) F# E D F# A F# D,    D’ C#’ B G A,     (F# E D) G A B G A,     (F# E D) F#  E D E D–.

At the end of programme his words be the same year-on-year; ‘Haste ye back’.


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