All The Fury Of Billy On The Digital Piano

This week commemorates 30 years since the tragic death of Billy Fury; a promising pop singer of both rock ‘n’ roll and later pop in the 50’s and 60’s. He was still writing songs at his digital piano in the early ‘80’s when death came a-calling.

A Look Of Fury

It is easy to see the Elvis influence and how this heady mix of charisma coupled with raw talent would make for a cocktail of success amongst his fan base. Alongside his suggestive body movements; smarmy upper lip and smooth operator looks Billy completed his image by playing guitar, digital piano and drums.

The Sound Of Fury

Billy was a great contributor to the British music scene for over 4 decades both the performing stage and to the film industry in which he wrote a repertoire of memorable songs including ‘’A Thousand Stars’’; ‘’Half Way To Paradise’’; ‘’I’ll Never Find Another You’’.

’Half Way To Paradise’’ typifies his conscious move to more gentile, ballad styles as Billy added string settings on the digital piano to  balance the weightier sounds of the guitar and drums from his rock ’n’ roll years. Similarly in the ‘70s ’’A Thousand Stars’’ opened this slow ballad with the upper register of the digital piano playing an ascending motif to represent the night sky. Billy Fury had by now added a do-wop style to his music.Billy Fury and the digital piano

His1960’s ‘’Jealousy’’ is an innovative touch that ‘drags’ the 1st beat with the feel of an Argentinean Tango. The instrumental line-up is quite different and more complex than Fury’s other more mainstream works with a fuller use of a concert band and highlighting saxophone, electric piano string settings and syncopated ‘woody’ rhythms to great effect.

A Keen Twitcher

Billy Fury’s stage act included his simpering upper lip which in turn wooed the ladies as part of his stage act. It would seem that Billy Fury also watched the birds of the feathered variety and was a keen bird watcher in his time. He bought a farm in Wales and enjoyed being close to nature where he bred horses, reared sheep and turned his swimming pool into a large bird bath!

Billy Fury died on 28th January 1983 at the tender age of 42. The shadow of constant ill-health had followed him around since he was a child. A track called ‘’Forget Him’’ was released after his death. Gone but not forgotten.

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