A Sister Act On The Digital Piano

Continuing with my ‘watery theme under Aquarius, today I thought I’d explore the talents of a female R&B trio who made it big during the ‘70s and ‘80s. They have a wide repertoire of hits that spans many music genres including pop, jazz, gospel and many fellow black styles – the Pointer Sisters –  With Some great 80 Style Digital piano sound.

And Then There Were Three.. Then Four

It was Anita, the second eldest whose Aquarian roots we celebrate today. She joined her dueting sisters Bonnie and June and later the trio became a quartet the back to a trio as Ruth was added then Bonnie was subtracted.

Pointing To Success

The siblings were searching for a new commercial style and developed a mix of R&B and similar be-bop and jazz.  This soon caught on with their fan base together with their stage attire and their audience adopted the same dress code. The sisters first big release in 1973 was ‘’Yes We Can Can’’– a funk style song with a catchy bass line played by a line up of bass guitar, ‘wacka’ lead guitar, digital piano with a synth setting and kit. The girls’ flexibility for improvisation meant the songs could differ every time extending up to 7 minutes.album-best-of-the-pointer-sisters

 Their country music success that stirred even greater interest was ‘’Fairytale’. The instrumental line-up had the same with jazz fills and elaborate middle eight played on the digital piano. The predictable 4-bar phrasing gives the song an ‘easy listening’ quality.

‘’I’m So Excited’’ and ‘’Break Out’’ brought the group to the top of their game. The funk feel seems embedded on the guitar in the former of the two – well known as the ‘90s theme tune for the ‘Crunchie’ advert as the digital piano provides a honky-tonk rhythm that gives energy and movement to the piece.

Then Three Again!

From the ‘90s onwards the group changed its variables and then changed them some more as the sisters developed their lives and families off stage. Their children grew up and some even joined the sibling scenario to dep. for their elders such as Issa and Sadako.

Getting Their Act Together

This group has seen success and tragedy alike; collected awards; regrouped its members and reinvented itself when the need called for it. A sister act worth getting in on.


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