Seven Swans Sail The New Year in On Your Digital Piano

Today, the last day of 2012 see ‘Seven Swans A-Swimming’. In our Twelve Days of Christmas run these represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Three of these named gifts are 3) teaching, 5) giving, and 6) leading. I hope that in the time these digital piano stories have been delivered to your door you have managed to apply their instruction to your keyboard and enjoyed fulfilling the three gifts mentioned above. Continue reading “Seven Swans Sail The New Year in On Your Digital Piano”

For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne And Your Digital Piano!

Ho Ho Ho! I ho ho hope you’ve had a chance to practice the first verse of our New Year song. Yesterday I imparted some fascinating facts about ‘Auld Lang Syne’ that I thought you would enjoy playing on your digital piano. Here are a few extra little nuggets of knowledge you may like to share when all your loved ones are gathered around your piano stool. Continue reading “For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne And Your Digital Piano!”

For The Sake Of … Your Digital Piano

Auld Lang Syne’ originated in Scotland as a poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. It is set to a traditional folk tune that can be played on your digital piano on New Year Eve. Most people the world know the melody but not the lyrics. So how about learning the first verse and chorus? Oh Yes! – ‘bring it on’ I hear you say…

‘Auld Lang Syne’ is significant in its use at Midnight on New Year’s Eve when everyone sings and dances this quant and little known folk song. The title translates as many variables dilutes down to ‘For Old Times Sake’. It is fairly easy to play so it is perfect when you are starting to learn to play the digital piano. Continue reading “For The Sake Of … Your Digital Piano”

Play If I Ruled The World on Your Digital Piano As Performed By Tesco

Fancy playing ‘If I Ruled The World’ on your digital piano? After all it would seem that Tesco has the monopoly on the highest number of Christmas adverts this year.

Yet despite this bully of a shopping giant trying to wrap up Christmas 2012 and out-perform the competition with its 22 (that’s ‘22 Swans-A-Swimming’ in their gluttonous version of ‘The 25 Days Of Christmas’) mini ads they still aren’t at the top of the seasonal charts.

Mr Snowman Makes Tracks

Sorry Tesco – John Lewis is firmly rooted at the top of the tree (well in the snow-clad garden actually) with Mr Snowman and his good lady. Still you can’t help but bop to the variety of famous soundtracks that help promote these pithy micro ads. – eh? You know you want to…

‘Rapping It Up’ On Your Digital Piano

There are tracks about carrots; sprouts; mince pies; Christmas pudding; toys; hats – you name it. Each advert lasts between 10 and 31 seconds and depends heavily on the lyrics of the chorus to deliver the message. As ‘Every Little Helps’ I thought you might like to play a few tracks on your digital piano and predict a riot (‘Bronze Free-Range Turkey’ advert).

Here we go… (but not necessary to chase your tail or a member of the family round the room):

Advert 1. ‘Treats For Rover’            Music: The Pointer Sisters – ‘I’m So Excited’

Bb    Bb   A   A  G-,    Bb     Bb    Bb     A   A   G-,

‘I’m so    ex-cite-d-,  And  I       think  I   like  it-,

G     A   A     G    A       G     A      G     A    G     Bb  Bb  G-.

I’m a-bout  to loose   con-trol  and   I  think    I   like   it’-.

Advert 2. ‘Finest’ Christmas Pudding          

Music: Queen – ‘Another One Bites The Dust’

This is just the bass line played as an ostinato. To perform the 31 second ad. you need to switch the voice setting on your digital piano to bass guitar, add a rock beat and be ready to sing like Freddie (that’s Mercury, not Krueger) on the 5th repeat:

F          F         F-,       F     F          F    F      Ab      F     Bb-   x 7

(Bass, bass, bass),  ‘A – noth – er one  bites   the  dust’

Every Little Helps

I thought you may like a little light relief from the heavy rock and pop ads. This is a gentle ballad with a little boy sticking his head up the fire place in the hope that Santa will descend down the chimney.

You need to change your voice setting on your digital piano to synth strings or similar. No beat required – just that of your heart…. ah….cute advert.

Advert 3: Mince Pies                      Music: Richard Marx – ‘Right Here Waiting’

C     D  E   F         E      D      E    D   C -.

‘I will be right here wait-ing for you’-.Learn How to play the song form the tesco ads 2012 on your digital piano

Food For Thought

Well, there’s 3 soundtracks to be getting on with…. only 19 to go!  As these are only bite-size snippets try and merge them together as one medley.

Remember – they may be Tesco’s Finest – but are they yours?             Practice pleeeeeeze!


The Digital Piano Page Turner

The film ‘The Page Turner’ of 2006 is a thriller about adolescent Mélanie Prouvost a young digital piano player who aspires to be the best in her field. Turn the Page for the digital piano playerShe auditions at the Conservatoire and on the panel is the famous digital piano player Ariane Fouchecourt. Melanie does not do herself justice at the audition and consequently she is not successful. There was a lot riding on this audition and Melanie’s future will now have to take another path…

The Plot Thickens…

We see a more mature Melanie successfully securing a work placement at a Solicitors office. This is also Ariane’s husband’s work place and Melanie soon befriends him and starts to weave her web. The plot develops and she is consequently hired by the family to care for their young son who like his mother has a talent for the digital piano.

Melanie tutors the son to prepare a piano recital to impress his father. She is becoming a real asset to the family…

Is this ringing any bells about a vengeful nanny called Peyton?…. ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’ of 1992 perhaps?… Continue reading “The Digital Piano Page Turner”

Using Your Imagination On The Digital Piano

Hi there. Santa’s little keyboard helper here. As Christmas gets ever closer I’m wondering if you’re using your imagination on your digital piano. Hopefully you’re picking out little ditties and motifs on your keyboard. The hall is decked; the presents wrapped (well almost), and your repertoire of Christmas TV advert soundtracks is growing by the hour! So whilst perched on your piano stool here’s another one for you to practice; Continue reading “Using Your Imagination On The Digital Piano”

Digital Piano Gets A Brief Encounter

This 1951 film ‘Wherever She Goes is about the early part of Eileen Joyce’s life. She played the digital piano as a young child; her talent was recognised as she became a child prodigy and went on with classical training to compete at a professional level. Eileen Joyce a child prodigy on the digital piano

The Girl With The Harmonica

Joyce’s interest in music was fired up when she heard a harmonica being played and wanted to learn it. The films background shows her poor family struggles to finance her growing interest in music as Joyce’s passion transfers to an old digital piano that she is given as a gift.

The footage shown at the beginning and end of the film features Eileen Joyce herself performing Grieg ‘Digital Piano Concerto in A minor’. Continue reading “Digital Piano Gets A Brief Encounter”

Digital Piano Performances – A Real Variety

The recent 2012 showing of ‘100 Years of the Real Variety Performance’ has prompted me to note the number of digital piano players that have performed at this event. I cannot cover all the keyboard artists in this article but great talent has emerged from the hot seat of the piano stool for many years now: Continue reading “Digital Piano Performances – A Real Variety”

Your Digital Piano – A Great New Delivery This Christmas?

I hope it’s good news this Christmas – do I hear the patter of tiny fingers tapping on your digital piano keys….!  Play Elton John On The Digital PianoIf all is going to plan then you should have a feast of a concert in readiness for Christmas Day. Meanwhile here’s another Christmas advert to add to your mounting collection…

Boots Advert ‘Lets Feel Good’

This advert heralds the talented Elton John on his digital piano performing ‘Are You Ready For Love. It contains several little episodes highlighting the lives of people of all ages. Most of all it’s about the family. You can start at the beginning with a short, introductory digital piano motif that is scored for ‘synth strings’ or similar: Continue reading “Your Digital Piano – A Great New Delivery This Christmas?”

Digital Piano Player Shot 32 Times!

This story has a quick delve into the life of digital piano player Glenn Gould through a film made in 1993. The film bares a lengthy title that is self-explanatory in that 32 episodes, segments (call them what you will) illustrate key landmarks that make this digital piano prodigy an interesting character. These bizarre episodes vary in length from six to one minute and include formats from interviews to scenes with short, uncomplicated headings such as ‘Pills’, ‘Practice’, ‘Truck Stop’…! Continue reading “Digital Piano Player Shot 32 Times!”