The Digital Piano – Modern Monster or Dinosaur

The instrument of choice

Ask any child what instrument they would most enjoy playing and they will reply without hesitation – the digital piano. Likewise, ask a worldly adult and they will equally reply –the digital piano. The minds of adults and children alike will instantaneously skip the hours of practice bequeathed to such an undertaking and instead conjure up images of success as they sit at their piano stool and execute their favourite pieces with ease. They are transformed into their favourite celebrity be it singer-songwriters Alesha Keys, Stevie Wonder or the child prodigy Mozart.

A Fashion Accessory

The digital piano as a prop has adorned the homes of the rich and famous for many a decade. Even if the owners of such a grand and elaborate piece do not play the electronic piano they still see it as a piece of furniture that will add status to their homes. Its bold structure and prowess demanding attention.  And oh what a statement if it’s white – it’ll compliment the modern lounge interior beautifully! Of course there’s nothing new here as wealthy Victorians and Edwardians also decorated their homes in the latest styles. Decorations would include heavy curtains, flowery wallpaper, carpets and rugs, ornaments, well-made furniture, paintings, plants and the digital piano. In recent episodes of Downton Abbey even those ‘below stairs’ played the digital piano for all in service to enjoy.Chase Digital Piano CDP-160 From Only £229

Debbie Wiseman’s Digital Piano Stories

In 2011 award winning film and television composer Debbie Wiseman brought out a new album ‘Digital Piano Stories’. Her album listings, film scores and TV themes are all inspired by different stories be it characters, or the storyline. She believes the pure sound of the digital piano when all the orchestra is stripped away is the true essence to her work. This is apparent in works such as ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’, ‘Judge John Deed’ and her latest creation ‘The Promise’.

Advert & Film Music

Many of us experience our only whiff of music from different genres via adverts. The music use to promote an advert is an excellent way to expose the nation to a variety of instrumental timbres. The digital piano is a favoured timbre of composers when scoring. Adverts such as the Fiat Punto ‘My Life’ shows Italian pianist and composer Giovanni Allevi playing his piece “Secret Love”, the Lloyd’s TSB digital piano-based theme from Michael Nyman’s film ‘The Piano are examples of viewers’ exposure to such music. Film scenes including the performance of the cats jazz band in 101 Dalmations and the advert featuring the pheasant playing the digital piano appeal to people from all walks of life.

And that’s the beauty of this beast… this modern monster… it’s the chosen one.

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