Gabrielle Aplin on the digital piano -Get ready for Xmas

You have now three lots of chorus and/or verse material to practice in readiness for Christmas Day; ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’ & ‘Call of Duty’. I hope you’ve managed to see the pieces in their setting on the television and then used your ears to transfer them to your digital piano.

John Lewis Advert – ‘The Journey’ Played on the digital piano

This music from this advert presently features as No. 7 in the ‘UK Singles Charts’. The advert itself is also No. 1 in the ‘Top Ten’ latest Christmas ads. In other words the materials you are practicing whilst perched on your piano stool are very current. More importantly – your audience will love them!

The advert is based on Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s track ‘The Power of Love’. It is a gentle, rubato (held back) ballad performed by solo singer Gabrielle Aplin. The introductory accompaniment is played on a digital piano with an acoustic piano setting.

StorylineGabrielle Aplin plays the digital piano

The storyline called ‘The Journey’ starts in a snow-filled back garden where two children build a snowman and snowwoman (!) The snowman poignantly wears nothing  but a grey scarf and a smile and his snow partner wears a wig so we can differentiate between them. The digital piano starts very similarly to the introduction of Howard Blake’s ‘The Snowman’ with an ascending arpeggio in the left-hand. This is repeated as a bed rock to the verses. The lyrics of the verse starts with ‘’Dreams Like Angels’’ etc  and you can learn to play this melody with your right hand. To play in the same key as the advert you’ll need the black note to the right of the white ‘F’ key of the same name.  Here we go 2   3   4:

F# F# G F#- x 2,        F#  F#  F# E D -,       F# F# F# G A-

As the advert gets under-way Mr Snowman is seen on the first leg of his journey in a pastoral setting. Sheep on the hillside and a chirpy robin uplift the snowman’s spirit as he battles with the elements. Despite a searing blizzthe power of love scoreard he is determined to make his way up the mountain to ‘’A force from above’’; across a busy motorway and through the city centre.

The texture of the chorus thickens as the digital piano is joined by a lower stringed sounding ‘cello. At this ethereal point in the song you will need to sing with greater gusto ‘’The Power of Love….Make Love Your Goal’’:

F# A F# A B A   x 2,      F# F# F# D-

Find your partner with digital piano musicHomeward Bound…

Back home in the garden the reason for Mr Snowman’s trek across hill and dale becomes clear. He had gone shopping to get his lady some warmer cloths to wear in the snow. We can now see that her wig is covered by a spritely red beret, matching scarf and gloves. The scene zooms out to them holding hands…

Moral of the Story

So, try this piece on your digital piano and don’t forget to sing along.  Meanwhile, be mindful of the catchphrase at the end of the advert as it reads ‘’Get A Little More Love This Christmas’’. Mmmm … that should do it!



(Score pictured above is in a different key as described in the article)

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