Following A Star – On The Digital Piano

Santa’s little helpers tell me you’ve written your Christmas wish list and at the top is your ‘most wanted’ gift … a digital piano. That’s great news if you’ve thought it through otherwise ‘HO HO HO’ could become ‘oh Oh OH!’

So you’ve researched the brand; colour with matching piano stool; design; model; price; measured the space … and yes it will fit – just. Sounds like you’ve thought of everything including a ‘partridge in a pear tree’. All paid up and a date is set: Christmas Day.

The day for delivery has arrived as three wise men in a van follow their satnav to your door. They know they have the right house as an LED star shining in the East lights their way up the driveway. They ring the bell and announce that they come bearing gifts.Will Santa Bring you a Digital Piano For Xmas

Will Santa Bring You A Digital Piano For Christmas?

The digital piano is duly assembled in the corner next to the Christmas Tree. Not quite sure where Grandma Mary and Grandad Joe are going to sit now as there’s hardly any room left. The family pets will have to kneel on the floor.  By now the room’s really full as neighbours who were abiding in their gardens keeping watch over their stocks have come to see what the excitement is all about. Everyone heaves a sigh as the new digital piano is welcomed into the world. It’s plugged in – a great sound!

That night people hear the news and travel far and wide to see the newcomer; wrapped in a blanket lying in the corner. They pay homage to the electric piano and bow their heads. Gifts include a gold-plated metronome, a music book and a cushion.

So the scene is set and there’s no more room at the inn. Expectations are high as everyone waits in anticipation. But there are teething troubles… one thing the three wise delivery men and the neighbours tending their stocks all forgot to bring home and that was the ‘gift of music’.

So the key to this story is simple. If you’re a wise man/woman be prepared to nurture your talent on the digital piano. Take lessons and learn to read music, practice daily and watch your talent grow. After all, you could turn out to be a real star and be heralded as ‘king of the blues’.


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