A Christmas Repertoire On Your New Digital Piano

So you’ve read the manual of your new digital piano, you’re sitting comfortably on the new, plush piano stool, powered her up and she’s ready to go. The layout is unfamiliar – having not driven one like this before. It’s an automatic in that as soon as you press the key it will play! Find the white note middle C in the centre of the keyboard ‘to the left of the two black keys’. The keys are named alphabetically from A to G, starting with C etc. These ascend using their note names stepwise and likewise as they descend down the keyboard.   

You can choose any timbre (sound colour) you like. You will most likely have chosen your new digital piano based on the timbre such as electric piano, synthesiser, harpsichord, choir, concert orchestra etc. Choose the setting you like and let’s get ready to rumble…

Consider Your Ambition x Time Over Distance

There’s not many weeks left to Christmas Day and your thinking that perhaps you could ‘knock up a little something’ as a surprise when the families resting between courses.

Use you right hand first (whether you are right or left handed doesn’t matter- the right hand plays the melody).  Have a little flutter up and down the keys – get used to the sideways motion. Lift your wrist slightly and cup your hand as if holding a tennis ball. Ensure your posture is straight when sitting on the piano stool. Keep your feet slightly apart and not on the pedals just yet.  Learn to walk first… well getting up the gears and don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road ahead (music manuscript). REMEMBER THE CODE: MIRROR… SIGNAL…. MANOUEVRE.

A Realistic Repertoire for the Digital Piano

Play Jingle bells on your digital pianoThere are many simple Christmas melodies you could play on your digital piano that would get a rousing applause from the family: The chorus of ‘Jingle Bells’ uses just five notes from middle C to G above. It has a repetitive nature starting with E, E, E… (repeat) E, G, C D E… etc. You could add a funky beat in 4/4 time e.g. rock, pop or a Latino style but don’t choose ‘waltz’. It won’t synchronise unless your piece has a ¾ time signature. Too much info?… don’t worry. Just keep practicing. You can sing along too. This kind of coordination will need practice so take your time… well not too long …. Christmas Eve is only a month away (tomorrow). Ho Ho Ho!


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