A Christmas Repertoire On Your New Digital Piano Part II

So how’s it going? If you’ve stuck to your daily practice program you should be familiar with the layout of the digital piano by now; how to select appropriate pre-set sounds e.g. electric piano. Hope you’ve managed to synchronise a ‘solid’ beat to keep you in time e.g. rock. I heard ‘Jingle Bells’ as a soundtrack on the ‘Homebase’ advert and thought of you!

Building A Christmas Repertoire on the Digital Piano

There are some ‘easy listening’ and recognisable Christmas songs on the TV at the moment. They’ve all been made into backing tracks for Christmas adverts and most are scored for digital piano or similar. So how about trying your hand (right hand) at one or two more!

Well, ‘Ding Dong Merrily On High is used for the ‘Carphone Warehouse’ advert. Again, like most Christmas carols this song depends on repetition and step-wise movement in the melody. If you play it in C major and use all the white keys you’ll soon get the knack. The verse uses an octave-worth of notes from G below Middle C to G’ five notes above:

‘C C D C B A G.., G A C CB C…’ Now add the chorus: ‘G F E F G E F’ etc. descending stepwise soon shapes the predicable melody. Don’t forget to sing along.

Another one you may like to try is ‘Tesco’s’ Christmas advert promoting Treyarch’s ‘Call of Duty’ Black Ops 2 video game. After the bell chiming introduction it begins with a rather course dance melody called ‘Insomnia’ using a digital piano sound. Once again repetition plays it part and helps with the melodic shape as follows:

‘EEE DDD C#’ etc. You’ll notice that when you play the C on the digital piano it won’t sound ‘right’. You’ll need to play the black note to its right called ‘C sharp’.

Faithless the band performing say ’’And here we are… half-past three in the morning… I can’t get no sleep…’’and the music begins.

Counting On You

Don’t do as the advert does and loose sleep over your repertoire. Count sheep or even better … notes!  Infact it’s good to think of your notes as sheep as they’re all close together… HO HO HO!

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