A Lesson To Be Learnt On Sparky’s Magic Digital Piano – Part II

The Prodigy Digital Piano Player – Sparky is an 8 year old little boy, whose life changed when his digital piano started to speak to him. It seems that Sparky is the only one who that can hear the piano speak. With the piano helping him out and playing the music, he took to the stage where he became a massive hit. So popular was his concerts that suddenly he became an overnight sensation and he was touring the country. But all the attention started to go to his head and he became very spoilt and was rude to the digital piano. When the digital piano stopped playing for him, everyone in the audience started to laugh at Sparky who sat at his piano stool embarrassed and dumbfounded. At last the audience could hear how dreadful his real piano skills were.    

The Digital Piano

He is a kindly digital piano, who could see that Sparky was getting frustrated sitting on the piano stool having his digital piano lessons. So he decided to tell Sparky that he could help him play and all he needed to do was run his fingers over the digital piano keys and he would play the notes for him. Sparky’s repertoire on the digital piano was varied and consisted of mainly digital piano virtuoso pieces from the Romantic period including Rachmaninov’s  ‘Prelude in C sharp minor’, Op. 3, No 2. This was truncated and arranged for digital piano and orchestra. Sparky’s rendition received rapturous applause and was promptly followed by an electronic adaptation of Rimsky-Korsakov’s ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ which was played on the digital piano at double speed. Sparky received overnight fame and travelled country-wide to display his talent which the digital piano accommodated. A fictional story abou an amazing digital piano

The Digital Piano teaches Sparky a lesson

The Digital Piano and Sparky struck up a lovely friendship, but when Sparky’s popularity reached its peak the digital piano noticed a difference in him that he didn’t like. He had become spoilt and the digital piano wanted to talk to him about it, but Sparky didn’t want to talk to him. So during an encore in a concert, the electric piano decided enough was enough and so stopped playing for Sparky. Sparky announced his piece by Mendelssohn ‘The Spinning Song’ Op. 67 No. 4 but the digital piano refused to play it. Sparky sat at the piano stool and demanded that he continued to play for him, but the electric piano had made his mind up. He decided he needed to be taught a lesson!

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